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Favourite Exfoliators

Scrub away tired dead cells with our favourite exfoliators, revealing the inner beauty of your skin- When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin; it can leave skin looking dull and dry, plus the build-up of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and spots . ...

Statement Earrings

Leave the demur studs at home this summer and go all out with a pair of statement earrings, give your summer time look a real lift, or some fun with these scene stealers …..

Celebrating 40 Years of Virago Modern Classics

Virago is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its Modern Classics series with the publication of 13 "deluxe" illustrated paperbacks, showcasing authors such as Muriel Spark, Angela Carter and Patricia Highsmith, accompanied by new introductions from contemporary writers including Man Booker Prize-winner George Saunders.

The DvF Summer Wrap

The wrap by Diana von Furstenberg is a true iconic dress much copied but never bettered from black to bold colours and this season in bright, vibrant florals – this is the easiest dress to wear and the most comfortable.

Vegan Moussaka Recipe

This vegan version of a Greek favourite swaps the usual white sauce for an equally creamy, yet dairy-free butternut squash topping. The hearty sauce is bolstered with filling lentils and layered between tender slices of aubergine, courgette and tomato.

Favourite Cleansers

We have moved on from bars of soap & harsh foaming scrubs, we now have the amazing selection of cleansing oils, gels, creams, balms, powders and waters the key to a glowing, hydrated face is finding the best one for you.

Cropped Flare Jeans

The high waisted cropped flared jean is very flattering , as skinny jeans are not very forgiving for some of us - a high waist seems to always look good, plus the cropped-bell hem shows off your ankle, giving your body a reference point and making the jean not about more than just your bum and thighs (unlike a full-length flare).

Decléor Aromessence

To me Decléor Aromessence is the part of the Decléor range everyone knows about especially the oils - the oils are blended with a specific skin type in mind to ensure optimal affinity with the skin, using powerful concentrates of active essential oils.

Baobab Collection Candles

Created in Tanzania in 2002, Baobab Collection’s candles and diffusers are renowned for their size and designs.

Boden Summer Shirt Dresses

The classic shirt dress is always a favourite in the summer as it comes in so many fabrics, patterns and of course variations on the original style so it will take you to work in a smart, cool way or add some fun to a hot summer day or be the perfect dress for sightseeing and holiday shopping ….

Seared Steak Flatbread Sharer Recipe

With luxurious creamy mushrooms, fragrant and fresh herb dressing and pan seared sirloin, this flatbread is perfect if you’re looking for new ideas on steak night. Great for sharing and tearing, it’s a brilliant way to make your meat go further.

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