Gandia Blasco Rugs

If you like distinctive statement rugs then these rugs are just perfect, bold, bright, rich jewel colours to distinctive shapes and patterns. To me they lift a neutral décor adding some vibrancy plus some bold splashes of colour.
First founded in 1941 by José Gandía-Blasco - GANDIABLASCO, Gandía Blasco's humble beginnings started as a small family run business in Spain, originally focusing on textile manufacturing; this innovative design house is now internationally renowned for their iconic collection of designer rugs.

Houseology has a superb selection of rugs, personally I adore the Chain Stitch Blue China Circular Rug as it’s so dramatic

Gandia Blasco Hand Knotted Butterfly Blue Rug from £1,650.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Luxurious soft pure wool rug with abstract butterfly pattern.As beautiful as the delicate wings of a butterfly, the Butterfly Blue Rug from Gandia Blasco will bring effortless elegance to your design scheme. Expertly created by artisans at the prestigious Spanish design house, Gandia Blasco, the pure wool design brings a beautifully smooth texture that is luxurious to walk upon. Featuring a stunning, abstract, free flowing design, inspired by the beauty of fluttering butterfly wings, the two-tone colours will bring subtle elegance to your home. Offering exquisite luxury the traditional straight edged rug with fluid design is perfect for maintaining the crisp and clean aesthetic of you contemporary scheme. Adorn your open plan hall way to create an elegant welcome to your home and complete the look with effortless style.

Gandia Blasco Chain Stitch Blue China Circular Rug from £1,450.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Detailed dragon pattern circular wool rug.Create a colourful style statement with the Gandia Blasco China White Circular Rug. Decorated with a stunningly detailed dragon pattern, this pure wool rug is the perfect remedy to channel a touch of the Orient in the heart of your interior scheme.

Artisans at Spanish design house, Gandia Blasco have intricately adopted the classic chain stitch and hand tufted textile technique to create a luxuriously soft yet equally durable finish. Soft to the touch and graceful to the eye, its striking decoration and clean circular shape exudes a crisp aesthetic which is refreshingly unique. Continue this captivating look with coordinating Oriental home accessories for a fine addition of eclectic glamour in the living room or bedroom. Great for open plan interior schemes, it will keep you comforted underfoot as it warms up chilly wooden flooring and elevates your space in style.

Gandia Blasco Hand Tufted Lepark Rug from £1,200.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Contemporary rug with technologically inspired geometric pattern.Reinvigorate your interior style by introducing the colourful Lepark rug to your design aesthetic.Inventively designed in Spain, the experts at Gandia Blasco have excellently merged their creative skills with innovative textile-making advances to produce a distinctively modern design solution.

Hand tufted in new wool for a luxuriously soft texture, the abstract pixelated pattern, inspired by advancing communicative technology, will add depth and colour to your home environment. Offering natural hues, bursts of blush pinks add subtle nods to current interior trends, ideal for adding a pop of on-trend colour to your home. Place beneath a sturdy coffee or dining table to create a distinctive focal point or lay in your entrance hallway to channel welcoming contemporary style.

Gandia Blasco Cadeneta Goyesca Black Rug from £820.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Baroque style embroidered black floor rug. Adorn your home with the delicate charm of the Cadenta Goyesca Black Rug by Gandia Blasco. Intricately hand woven, this beautiful floor rug has a gorgeously ornate appearance that blends the line between contemporary and vintage design.

Delicately crafted by Spanish textile artisans Gandia Blasco, their intricate use of embroidery and sequins adds to the unique style of this piece.Offering elegance and taking inspiration from the 18th Century Goyesque style, its hand-sewn chain stitch technique design is perfect for adding texture and depth to your home.

The blend of fresh creams and jasmine pinks revitalise the black wool base, completing the look in style.A fine addition to your home, place in the hallway as a striking statement where it will set the design tempo for the rest of your home.Graceful to the eye and soft underfoot, it also works great in open plan spaces where it will segment living and dining areas perfectly and offer a fine focal point in the heart of your design scheme.

Gandia Blasco Canevas Flowers Colour Wool Rug from £590.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Modern cross-stitch inspired floor rug. Carefully handcrafted to the highest standards by the artisans at Gandia Blasco, this elegant rug with floral design brings a subtle touch of colour to revitalise your living space in style. Inspired by classic techniques, this modern pure wool rug is perfect for adding a subtle touch of colour to create a warming ambience in the heart of your design scheme.

This gorgeous rug features a soft felt base, intricately interwoven with coloured wool thread. Flourishing with a delicate rose floral design, the combination of the classic cross stitch technique and pixel effect finish brings an element of contemporary originality. Place in your living room to create a welcoming focal point and complement your interior style perfectly.

Gandia Blasco Kilim Arabesco Green Rug from £390.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Rustic damask inspired green and blue wool rug.

Inject the warm spirit of the Mediterranean into your living space with the Arabesco Green Rug from Gandia Blasco. Intricately styled, this beautiful Persian inspired rug projects modern charm with a touch of rustic appeal.

Expertly handcrafted by Spanish design icons Gandia Blasco, it features a shapely rustic damask design blended with a hint of Moroccan modernity. Practical as well as stylish, the lightweight and reversible rug has been created using traditional Kilim weaving techniques to create a delicate texture which is deliciously soft underfoot.

The mix of green hues add to the Mediterranean inspiration and will create a warm and inviting ambience in your home. Two-tone Aztec border detail and textured fringing and tassel details complete the design, adding a playful twist. Combine with olive green home accessories to complement the warming tones of the rug and create synergy throughout your design aesthetic.

Gandia Blasco Hand Tufted Surf Malibu Rug from £250.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Modern oval shaped hand tufted 100% wool rug. Add warmth to wooden flooring with the uniquely shaped Surf Malibu Rug from Spanish design icons, Gandia Blasco.An exotic alternative to the more common rectangular rug, innovative designer Alejandra Gandia-Blasco has taken inspiration from the oceans of the world to create this inspiring collection of decorative rugs.

Intricately created by hand using the traditional hand-tufted technique, the Surf Malibu Rug offers a distinctive texture that is delightfully soft underfoot. Truly unique in shape, it will make a fine focal point in the heart of your design aesthetic.A modern rug that combines traditional craftsmanship with design, its elongated shape is ideal for placing in narrow hallways. Combine with other elements in the luxury Gandia Blasco collection to add playful character to your interior space, completing your modern look with unique style.
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