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Many of us don’t drink enough water particularly when we are on the go, but with the help of Lakeland and their extensive range of bottles and cups it is easy to stay hydrated.

Whether you like your favourite thirst quencher fruit infused, chilled or hot, quaffed from a glass , plastic or steel, you’re sure to find something here.

Built 500ml Glass Water Bottle £16.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Inspired by the busy lifestyle of New Yorkers, BUILT have created this water bottle to be the ideal companion for gym-goers, commuters and students. Ensuring that hydration doesn’t have to ruin your sense of style, it comes with a protective neoprene tote to match its stopper. And being glass, it will never taint your refreshment with other flavours. Tote is machine washable.

Lakeland 260ml Thermal Drinks Bottle £14.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Whether you’re heading to the office or the gym, this ultra-stylish leakproof drinks bottle will keep you hydrated while you’re working or working out. Stainless steel. Suitable for hot or cold drinks, it’s double-walled so keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours.

Contigo® Shake & Go® Tumbler £14.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Make it. Shake it. Take it… Shake and mix cold drinks with confidence using this leakproof go-anywhere tumbler from drinks bottle specialist Contigo. Ideal for life on the go, it acts as the perfect travel mug for transporting all manner of cold liquid refreshments, including smoothies, milkshakes, juices, iced tea and coffee, even cocktails, that require a little or a lot of mixing before serving. Just fill the bottle, screw on the lid and remove the straw for its special Auto-Close™ mechanism to provide a fail-safe watertight seal that allows you to vigorously shake the bottle to ensure the contents are properly blended before drinking. Made from BPA-free Tritan with a non-slip silicone sleeve for extra-safe grip when you’re shaking.

Lakeland Glass Water Drinks Bottle 700ml £9.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

If you’d rather drink from a glass bottle than a plastic one, but need something robust when you’re on the go, this is the bottle for you. Made from toughened borosilicate glass with a non-slip, grippy silicone cover, you can keep a firm hold of it whether you’re hiking or at the gym. It has a leakproof screw cap, and the wide mouth means it’s easy to add ice cubes and fruit slices too.

Joseph Joseph® Dot Tracking Water Bottle £9.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Drinking plenty of water should be a priority for all of us, but busy schedules generally mean our good intentions go to waste and often we have no idea how much or how little we’re drinking. Helping you to make staying hydrated much easier, this leakproof water bottle from Joseph Joseph ‘counts’ how many times you’ve filled and refilled it over the course of the day so you know exactly how much water you’ve actually drunk. Small enough to carry around with you without weighing you down, its simple tracking system reveals a new dot each time it’s filled up and can show up to four dots at once – the equivalent of 2.4 litres of water – before starting its count again.

Sistema® Fusion Bottle 615ml £6.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Just right for taking to the gym, this leakproof drinks bottle features a fast-pour spout with rubber seal and a special carry handle to make it easy to grab and go. And if you’re in need of an energy boost, there’s a handy storage cup in the base for storing powdered nutritional supplements as well as a removable diffuser in the top of the bottle to speed up the mixing process and give your protein shake a smoother texture. Made from BPA-free polypropylene.

Sistema® To Go 3 Mini Infusers £4.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Pack one of these little baskets with your pick of fruit, snap closed and drop into your bottle or glass to enjoy water with a boost of fruity flavour.

Lakeland Infuser Cup £4.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

There’s nothing more refreshing than naturally flavoured water and this leakproof, double-walled drinks bottle with built-in infuser lets you create your own to enjoy wherever you go. Its flip-top lid makes it easy to drink from and its clever design ensures pips and seeds don’t spoil the taste. Simply part-fill the beaker with water, place your choice of fruit in the removable holder and replace the lid to enjoy a healthier alternative to shop-bought squashes and flavoured waters.
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