Sphero Tangram Smart Rope

Skipping is one of the cheapest, most effective, fat burning workouts you can do. And it's fun too so why not add in some technology for effective exercise.

Here all the reasons why you need to get yourself skipping

The effort it takes to jump rope for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in eight minutes. One hour of rope skipping will burn up to 1,300 calories and according to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run.

Skipping is a full body workout which uses your abdominals to stabilise the body, legs for jumping, shoulders and arms for turning the rope it is less jolting on your joints than running, it also helps to improve heart rate and blood pressure.

Once you've bought your rope, skipping is a zero-cost workout, plus you can skip anywhere plus it's a good workout for all fitness levels as you can do it at a pace that suits you.

Skipping is a weight bearing exercise so can help in improving bone density, thus helping stave off osteoporosis, plus a regular skipping session improves muscle tone in the lower and upper body as well as aiding your coordination, balance and improving your flexibility.

Sphero Tangram Smart Rope £69.95 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Quickly, accurately and easily track your workout with this Smart Skipping Rope. It'll link to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the free Smart Gym app (available from App Store and Google Play) to let you measure the number of jumps, calories burned, time elapsed and your overall fitness progress.

The power button is situated on the left handle, under which you'll find the microUSB charging port (cable not included). The lithium polymer battery will be fully charged in 2 hours and will provide you with 36 hours of use.

What you can measure with the app?

Basic Count - Measures jump count, calories burned, time elapsed and progress towards fitness goals

Interval Training - Select a training session to suit your skill level and fitness goals

Competition - You can challenge your Facebook friends to compete to be crowned Daily Champion and Speed Master

Awards - You can earn badges when you achieve your daily and long-term fitness goals to help you stay motivated

Leaderboard - You can see how well you're doing compared with other users around the world

Device setting - You can adjust LED brightness, firmware updates, battery status and Bluetooth pairing

Personal settings - Enter your weight, height and other personal data to get a more accurate fitness picture

Size and weight: Rope length (excluding handles) is 8'6"/258cm, and will suit a user with a height of 5'5"-5'9" (165 - 175cm) or 8'/243cm (Shop Now), and will suit a user with a height of 5'-5'4" (152 - 163cm) 308g

Battery: Full charge in 2 hours-36 hours of use-Lithium Polymer battery
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