Keith Brymer Jones Word Range

Seriously how can you not love Keith Brymer Jones after watching him on BBC2’s The Great Pottery Throw Down with his passion and enthusiasm plus his amazing skill when doing his demonstrations – we also love his fabulous homeware Word Range with its retro lettering.

Word is the classic ‘whiteware with a twist' range from Keith Brymer Jones. Each perfectly-formed porcelain piece has a word or phrase hand-stamped and glazed in a retro typewriter font. The beautiful, satisfyingly cosy shapes contrast with the high white porcelain body give it a country feel but with urban elegance. Each item works beautifully as an effortlessly stylish stand-alone piece, or as part of a full dinner service and cookware range.

We love the simplicity and the fun in this whole range making it perfect for a gift or adding to your own every day set.

Keith Brymer Jones Word Espresso Cups, Set of 4 £40.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

This quirky espresso cups will add a touch of fun to your morning caffeine fix.

Keith Brymer Jones Word Toast Rack £35.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

This quirky toast rack will add a touch of fun to your breakfast in bed.

Keith Brymer Jones Word Snack Bowls, Set of 4 £35.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

This quirky snack bowls will add a touch of fun to your movie night snacks or casual dinner parties.

Keith Brymer Jones Word 'Bowl' Bowls, Set of 2 £28.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Perfect for the every day, this set of porcelain bowls will see you through breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hand stamped with the word 'bowl, the retro typewriter font contrasts with the contemporary design to give a feeling of modern elegance.

Keith Brymer Jones Word 'Tea' Teapot £28.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Hand stamped with the word 'Tea', this tableware piece delivers just what it says.
With the capacity to brew four cups of tea, the teapot can cater for friends and family throughout the day. It is even made from super white porcelain so this Make International teapot is microwave and dishwasher safe too.

Keith Brymer Jones Word Love Mug, Pair £19.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

A pair of mugs that are the perfect gift for any couple moving in together, marrying or getting engaged. The word "love" is inlaid in red. Designed by Keith Brymer Jones. Gift boxed.

Keith Brymer Jones Word Eggcups £17.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Keith Brymer Jones Word 'Cooked With Love' 25.6cm Dinner Plate £14.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

This dinner plate is crafted from classic white porcelain, and printed with a simple but charming 'made with love' tagline. Perfect for warm and intimate dinners with loved ones.

Keith Brymer Jones Word 'Boss' Bucket Mug £9.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

The perfect mug for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee, this great gift idea from Keith Brymer Jones' Word collection is ideal for relaxing and putting your feet up.

Keith Brymer Jones Word 'Milk' Small Jug £8.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Take this jug to the breakfast table to serve milk for your teas, coffees and cereal. It's also ideal for afternoon tea.

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