Prai Ageless Throat & Décolletage Care

A very luxe skincare range which has a whole section aimed at the throat and décolletage, the two areas which need specialist TLC as you get older. This wonderful selection of products with cleanse, moisturise and plus they have the additional help with the ionic device which will massage in the serum.

So as we get ready to uncover our throat and décolletage give it some added care and hydrate ready for the warmer months.

Throat Ionic Device £79.99 HQHair (Shop Now)

Transform your anti-ageing skincare regime with the PRAI AGELESS Throat Ionic Device. Designed to be used in synergy with the AGELESS Throat Ionic Serum, the innovative tool utilises advanced Iontophoresis (Ionic) technology to deliver dramatic firming, lifting and smoothing effects. Lightweight, portable and easy to use, it seeks to enhance the application of the serum and visibly reduce the look of wrinkles, lines and sagging. Skin feels softened, replenished and revitalised with redefined contours.

Throat Ionic Serum £49.99 HQHair (Shop Now)

Achieve a youthful neck and décolletage with the PRAI AGELESS Throat Ionic Serum. Combine the innovative serum with the AGELESS Throat Ionic Device, allowing them to work harmoniously to achieve optimum results. Utilising Iontophoresis Technology, the device works to visibly firm, lift and smooth the skin at the throat. The serum is activated by the device and therefore produces better results. Enriched with the signature, precious PRAI oil, the formula smoothes the skin and delivers a supple appearance, as well as working to optimise skin collagen and achieve a visible firmer look. Expect the delicate skin to boast a transformed, youthful appearance.

Bust Crème £29.99 HQHair (Shop Now)

Transform tired, sagging and mature skin with the PRAI AGELESS Bust Crème; a rich, highly effective cream that restores a youthful vitality and delivers a toning effect. Rich in emollients and conditioning agents, the advanced formula contains Adipofill’in™ for a plumping effect, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while lifting the look of droopiness. Suitable for use on the bust and décolletage, skin appears fuller and replenished with a youthful looking radiance.

Throat Peel & Reveal £28.99 HQHair (Shop Now)

Discover PRAI AGELESS Throat Peel & Reveal; a lightweight neck and décolleté treatment, that rewinds the years and reduces the visible signs of ageing. Simply apply the formula to a cotton pad and sweep onto skin. Peel & Reveal will gently yet effectively, exfoliate and hydrate skin, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with a potent blend of Lactic and Salicylic acid, the treatment leaves the neck and décolleté visibly tighter and thoroughly softened. After the peeling effect, expect youthful and glowing skin to be revealed.

Throat & Décolletage Crème £24.99 HQHair (Shop Now)

Reveal youthful skin, using the PRAI AGELESS Throat & Décolletage Crème; a lightweight formula designed to target ageing skin. Working on the throat and décolletage, both prone to sagging skin, the crème seeks to achieve a visibly firmer appearance.

Enriched with a potent blend of Mulberry, Saxifrage and Grapeseed Extracts, the formula reduces the appearance of age spots and other forms of discolouration. The bestselling treatment embraces Sepilift DPHP™, which restores elasticity to skin in need, as well as supporting skin’s collagen.

Finished with a combination of PRAI oil, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic acid, the crème delivers moisture to the skin, maintaining a supple appearance and leaving the throat and décolletage youthful and glowing.

Throat Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacer £24.99 HQHair (Shop Now)

Reveal youthful skin with the PRAI AGELESS Throat Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacer. The lightweight formula is designed for use as an exfoliator, resulting in dewy and firm looking skin.

The treatment works to transform dry skin that has lost elasticity. The gentle Resurfacer is enriched with Grape Seed and Oat Kernel extract, suitable for targeting the delicate skin at the neck and décolletage, and delivering a calming effect. Vitamin rich, the formula delivers essential moisture to skin, helping to improve and maintain elasticity, whilst also protecting against free radicals and environmental aggressors, known to age skin.

Face & Throat Cleanser £19.99 HQHair (Shop Now)

Utilise the powers of Coconut with the PRAI AGELESS Face & Throat Cleanser. Foaming into a luxurious, creamy lather, the cleanser is designed for use on the both the face and neck, thoroughly cleaning skin and leaving it nourished.

Enriched with Coconut, the anti-ageing cleanser helps to calm the complexion, whilst Glycerin creates a moisture reserve. Cleansing without stripping away essential moisture, the formula is finished with precious PRAI oil, which leaves behind a soft and smooth complexion, free from makeup and other impurities.
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