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Hit the pavement or circuit with a new pair of Adidas running shoes – this is a great guide to getting the best pair of shoes to suit your needs.

Running is arguably the best form of fitness anybody can perform. Not only does it keep you fit by toning your body and working your endurance, it also means that you get to spend more time outdoors – so you’ll be refreshing your body with clean air and natural light. And when it comes to women’s running, adidas knows the importance of having the right shoes for the job, allowing you to run longer and more often.

Choosing the best women’s running shoes

1. Firstly, it’s important to consider the surface that you will be running on. The difference between roads, tracks and trails will determine what sort of grip and cushioning you need. How often you run and the type of running you do are also very important factors. Ask yourself; will you be preparing for a marathon? Entering running competitions? Or are you a casual once a week runner?

2. Next, Adidas  recommend getting a professional evaluation for your feet to determine whether you run with underpronation, overpronation or neutral feet. So it may be important to select women’s stability running shoes or women’s running shoes for overpronation if your feet need it.

3. Take your current weight into account when selecting the cushioning of your running shoes. And when trying them on, consider going half a size larger because your feet will expand during any sports activity. Before running in your new women’s running shoes, it’s also important to wear them in for a couple of days.

4. As much as you love your new adidas running shoes, make sure you don’t use the same pair for too long. They should look like new for a long time, but regular running shoes should only be worn for about 400 to 600 km. And if you run often, ensure you have multiple pairs of shoes to rotate through to help prevent any injuries.

Road running-The road is the most common place for runners to do their thing. With smooth, even surfaces and endless distances, they’re the easiest place to run. The collection of adidas women’s road running shoes provide the right support to take advantage of these surfaces with enough grip to handle all types of weather.

Track running-This is where things get serious. Track running shoes are designed for one thing and one
thing only. Speed. And with the right speed, our collection of adidas women’s track running shoes will help you break your records while keeping you safe from injury. At around 200g, they’re super lightweight – meaning you’ll be able to run your fastest without being weighed down.

Trail running -There’s nothing better than discovering the unknown on foot, and that’s exactly what our collection of adidas women’s trail running shoes help you do. With trail-specific features including all-terrain grip, extra protection and purpose-made uppers, you’ll be able to run through surfaces that are uneven, sharp, slippery and even through water streams. Look out for models with GORE-TEX® for a waterproof and breathable lining.

Treadmill running-Sometimes we just need to hit the treadmill to get in our daily run. It could be because of the weather, the time of day or for the sheer convenience of it. No matter how far you run, our collection of adidas women’s treadmill running shoes was designed to help you cover more distance with less wear.

Neutral-Optimise your running form with maximum cushioning and standard stability in the midsole.

Ultra Boost Uncaged Shoes £129.95 Adidas (Shop Now)

Remember what that best-ever run feels like in these women's shoes built with ultra-cushioned boost™ and a foot-hugging upper. A revolutionary midsole propels you forward using the energy from your footstrike for a light, fast ride that doesn't pack down over time. A cage-free adidas Primeknit upper adapts to the changing shape of your foot through the gait cycle and delivers a clean, minimalist feel. The elastic STRETCHWEB outsole flexes to adapt to the way your foot hits the ground- sized 3.5 to 9.5 with half sizes

Stable-Made for runners who overpronate, a stable running shoe adds extra support to the midsole to keep you balanced.

Ultra Boost St Shoes £129.95 Adidas (Shop Now)

Feel the power of your best run in these women's running shoes that combine an energy-returning ride with optimal stability. When you're building distance or pushing for speed, these shoes propel you forward with a plush boost™ midsole that returns the force from each footstrike. A lightweight, adaptive adidas Primeknit upper and ergonomic heel give you support right where you need it. The limited-edition shoes have a STRETCHWEB outsole that provides a smooth, stable heel-to-toe transition- sized 3.5 to 9.5 with half sizes

Natural-Designed to fit your foot like a second skin, these runners enhance the natural movements of your feet with every step.

Pure Boost Xpose Shoes £94.95 Adidas (Shop Now)

These women's running shoes combine style and performance for a winning combination. Designed to respond to the ways a woman's foot moves as she runs, the shoe's floating arch hugs and adapts your foot from push-off to footstrike. A mesh upper wraps around and underneath the midfoot for a supportive fit and maximum ventilation. The energy-returning boost™ midsole propels you forward with each step, and the stretchy outsole flexes to adapt to the way your foot strikes the ground- sized 3.5 to 10 with half sizes

Trail-Extra grip, maximum stability and comfortable cushioning to help you conquer the great outdoors.

Terrex Trail Maker Shoes £79.95 Adidas (Shop Now)

No matter the mountain terrain, these women's outdoor trail running shoes keep going. Built with a breathable upper and abrasion-resistant weldings so that feet are comfortable and protected. Speed lacing provides a snug fit, while a Continental™ Rubber outsole grips rocky terrain and wet surfaces- sized 3.5 to 9 with half sizes 
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