Savsé Smoothies

Savsé is the baby of Guka Tavberidze who loved his mum's homemade smoothies growing-up so he bottled the taste to bring you Savsé (sav-say]. The smoothies are 100% raw, delicious, and cold-pressed to preserve all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

This bottle is packed full of fruits and vegetables - that's why we named it Savse (sav-say), a word from back home in Georgia that means crammed. Enjoy the fresh taste and quality of the kitchen on the go.

Waitrose have a selection for you to add to your shopping basket

Savsé Super Orange £3.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Tropical Super Orange combines smooth mango with zingy passion fruit and crisp root vegetables. Like sunshine in a bottle, Super Orange keeps you feeling great with immune system strengthening Vitamin C.

Savsé Super Blue £3.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

The resident hero, Super Blue combines refreshing berries and citrus with earthy beetroot to create a deliciously satisfying smoothie that’s rich in Vitamin C keeping your immune system healthy and strong.

Savsé Super Green £3.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Super Green is like no other, combining seven ingredients to create a delicious, wholesome and energising smoothie that keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Savsé Purple Carrot £2.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

This deliciously light smoothie is packed full of wholesome Heritage Purple Carrots (they weren’t always orange) with fresh notes of pomegranate and berries

Savsé Protein Punch £2.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

 Savsé took the classic Piña Colada and stirred it up, Savsé style, to make drinking protein a whole lot tastier. What’s more, this is the UK’s first cold-pressed protein drink preserved using HPP. This smoothie is a great way to pack protein into your diet and help repair tired muscles. Award winning Protein Punch is suitable for vegetarians.
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