Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo

Trion:Z magnetic therapy bracelets feature powerful Colantotte magnets, infused with negative ions.
The unique polarized technology is considered by many professionals to be an extremely powerful form of alternative medicine.

The ZEN LOOP SOLO features a patented ANSPO Magnetic Technology and ION CORE™, a central rubberised core infused with powerful negative ion producing minerals.

Stylish and functional, the brushed stainless steel power POD features 2x 1,000 gauss magnets working together to produce one of the most powerful products of its type on the market today.

The effects of magnets have been studied by a number of eminent medical researchers. Evidence suggests that magnets may increase blood flow, which in turn would result in a more efficient perfusion of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Whilst even the most powerful magnets do not have the ability to cure a disease, it is believed that magnets may facilitate the healing process. Millions of people believe in the beneficial effects of magnets helping ease joint pain.

The Zen Loop Solo is perfect if you are looking for a clean, comfortable and stylish design which is ideal for work, competition and play.
Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo £24.99 Trion:Z (Shop Now)

Premium grade climbing rope inspired braided cord construction, strength tested to 50 kg.
Magnetic push fit fastening.
Trion:Z negative ion infused ION CORE™ producing over 1,500 negative ions per second.
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