Coldpress Juices

So what exactly is coldpress?

The clue’s in the name…because cold pressure is a revolutionary new method of making juice that’s better in every way! Put simply, ‘cold press’ the fruit and vegetables without any heat.

Which means the juices and smoothies preserve substantially more of the taste and essential nutrients lost in traditional pasteurisation whilst also preserving their freshness for an amazing 6-months!

So stock up on these little bottle of nutrients

Coldpress Fruity Greens £3.59 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Fruity Greens Juice

Coldpress Berry Beets £3.59 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Berry Beets Juice

Coldpress Almond Banana Raw Cacao £2.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Almond Banana Raw Cocao Almond Drink

Coldpress Juicy Roots £2.79 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Beetroot, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger & Apple
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