Galerie Riviera Maison Wallpaper Collection

Rivièra Maison - Home is where you can be you......a beautiful, textured collection of hardwearing paste the wall wallcoverings in a range of contemporary designs.

Perfect for modern family homes if you’re looking to add some fun or a touch of glamour, my personal favourite is the Anvers Linen Button adding an extra touch to a dressing room.

Anvers Linen Button £34.95 per roll Wallpaperdirect (Shop Now)

A weave textured upholstered fabric design with button detail - occasional button has RM logo. Available in a pale grey pink shade.

Driftwood £34.95 per roll Wallpaperdirect (Shop Now)

A rough sawn wood, driftwood effect design in a soft white and grey colourway with a pleasing rough texture

Formal Dinner £34.95 per roll Wallpaperdirect (Shop Now)

A delightful montage of pages from an old-fashioned etiquette book, with advise on weddings, calling cards, how to ask a girl to dance and other social problems from another era! In shades of black, grey and white with a pleasing rough natural stone texture.

Oceans £34.95 per roll Wallpaperdirect (Shop Now)

A delightful montage of pages of maps, in bolder shades of blue and brown, including Monaco, Chesapeake Bay and around the world. With a pleasant rough stone texture.

Pretty Paisley £34.95 Wallpaperdirect (Shop Now)

A pretty paisley damask design with a contemporary misty, distressed effect and a woven texture. Shown in the soft blue and grey colourway. 

Private Moments £34.95 per roll Wallpaperdirect (Shop Now)

A montage of black and white photo style images with a fresh retro feel 1920s, 1930s and 1950s - we think. With a pleasing rough stone texture.

Rustic Rattan £34.95 per roll Wallpaperdirect (Shop Now)

A quirky grey and brown photo image of rattan - perfect for a textural city living style with a pleasing rough texture.

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