Holland and Barrett Cupboard Staples

Fill your cupboard with healthy rice, pasta, pulses & grains from Holland & Barrett so your always have the basics of a healthy meal to hand.

So get Keen On Quinoa the perfect alternative to rice or potatoes with your salads or dishes or my main stay the Quick Soup Mix just add stock and vegetables for a hearty healthy soup which is filling and great for lunches at work.

Holland & Barrett Keen On Quinoa £4.85 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Quinoa has a lovely light fluffy texture when cooked. Great as an alternative to rice or cous cous, quinoa is classed as a complete protein, and is one of the most nutritious available.
Add quinoa to soups, salads, cereals and even sweet treats to give their nutritional content a boost.

Holland & Barrett Pot Barley £0.99 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Whole Grain Brown Barley is great for soups or stew - it's up to you!

Holland & Barrett Quick Soup Mix £1.19 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Holland & Barrett's Quick Soup Mix contains a mix of pulses & grains to add to soups and stews; just add stock and vegetables for a hearty and huggable broth!

Holland & Barrett Beneficial Bulgar Wheat £1.49 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

For your culinary quests, look no further than Holland & Barrett Beneficial Bulgar Wheat! Bulgar wheat is 100% whole wheat and a great source of fibre

Holland & Barrett Ace Aduki Beans £0.99 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Soak, simmer and serve... Aduki beans are great in soups, stews and casseroles.

Holland & Barrett Freaky freekeh £5.25 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Holland & Barrett Freaky freekeh is cracked and toasted - an ancient grain that's freakishly high in fibre and protein.

Holland & Barrett Thrice Rice Mix £3.49 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Holland & Barrett Thrice Rice Mix contains long grain, red and wild rice... variety is the rice of life!

Holland & Barrett Lovable Lentils £2.39 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Holland & Barrett's Lovable Lentils are red split lentils; small in size but perfect for a big appetite! Great in curries, soups and as a replacement for meats in all your favourite dishes.

Holland & Barrett Special Spelt Grain £2.99 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

A sweet and nutty spelt grain - a source of protein and high in fibre. We've spelt it out for you!

Holland & Barrett Yum Yum Cous Cous £1.65 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Holland & Barrett Yum Yum Cous cous is a nutritious, neutral base for many dishes. It's a great alternative to rice and pasta and can be served with curries and other savoury dishes.

Holland & Barrett Ooh La La Lentils £1.99 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Our French-style lentils have a firm texture; great for salads – bon app├ętit!

Holland & Barrett Back in Black Chickpeas £2.49 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Three heaped teaspoons of these lovely legumes is enough for 1 of your 5 a day, plus they are high in protein and fibre.
Why not try making a tasty chickpea curry, a creamy hummus or mix it up and sprinkle on your salads for a light lunch. The options are endless!

Holland & Barrett Great Green Lentils £2.39 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Add a delicious twist to your meals, try adding Holland & Barrett Great Green Lentils to your soups and curries for a robust and peppery bite!

Holland & Barrett Toasty Toasted Couscous £1.99 Holland & Barrett (Shop Now)

Toasted, chunky cous cous for more flavour...great for salads and sides!
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