Geox Sneakers

Every sneaker wardrobe needs some Geox, for the bursts of colour, the metallic finishes or something a little different maybe light but durable.

As a long-time fan of the brand especially the sneakers,the Illusion is a Geox classic and one of my favourite go to sneakers, for comfort, height and styling and this season is no exception . I have also fallen in love with the New:Do, in a myriad of bold bright colours in suede

Geox have a sneaker for everyone this summer

Illusion £125.00 Geox (Shop Now)

Feminine allure and incredibly comfortable, Illusion, women’s trainers are equipt with the exclusive Geox patent that provides maximum breathability maximised by the perforation on the upper. The insole is made of leather and the side zip that increase the well-being of the feet and the practicality when they are worn. The internal platform guarantees support at every step. The upper is made of soft leather in a versatile taupe shade with champagne inserts. Practicality has never been so cool.
New Do £120.00 Geox (Shop Now)

A clean and simple design. Advanced technology and sustainability. In a word - New:Do, the innovative women's trainers that attest to Geox's attention and awareness surrounding the environment, without having to give up on high performance. Only natural materials are used to make these trainers and the hides are tanned without the use of heavy metals and treated with natural, non-toxic waxes. With their casual look and modern design, these turquoise suede New:Do trainers feature a natural rubber sole that is 100% recyclable and renewable and which comes with exclusive Geox patented perforations, making it breathable and guaranteeing long-lasting well-being, as well as keeping feet dry at all times. The cushioning internal insole comes in cork, while the footbed is made from 3D mesh. The removable insole is practical and hygienic and comes in a sustainable cotton and linen blend. It features a cork and EVA pad in the heel area to increase the cushioning effect when walking. The Stroebel construction of the cotton and linen lining aids flexibility. Coming with a wide toe to make walking all the more comfortable, they feature a simple design - and so produce less waste material than before - and a quicker manufacturing process, which subsequently reduces the environmental impact.
Sfinge £120.00 Geox (Shop Now)

Sport vibes and dynamic, feminine and sophisticated lines merge with unprecedented flexibility, lightness and comfort. These women's Sfinge trainers in pearlescent leather and suede come in bright platinum with ivory inserts and are a veritable concentration of well-being and design. In fact, they guarantee outstanding, all-round breathability, thanks to the extraordinary combination of the patented sole complete with the Net Breathing System and a super breathable upper. Made from materials that provide extreme comfort when walking, they feature a light, flexible and cushioned EVA sole with a split sole construction: the two parts are united by a slim rubber tread that ensures grip on the heel and arch support. The removable insole is practical and hygienic. Perfect for casual looks and everyday wear, these Sfinge trainers are a real must-have this season.
Nebula £115.00 Geox (Shop Now)

Absolute must-haves thanks to their technology, design and comfort, Nebula is Geox's iconic women's trainers. These shoes are noteworthy due to the level of technology that they contain, which ranges from the perforated, breathable sole that comes with the exclusive Geox patent, to the Net Breathing System that increases the sole's breathability and to the 3D mesh mounting insole and lining that enhance the feet's ability to breath, not to mention the EVA sole that makes the Nebula extremely lightweight, cushioned and flexible. Made in cyclamen suede and mesh, they feature a clean design that goes great with casual looks. Perfect for leisure and for wearing when travelling, Nebula is super breathable and incredibly comfortable thanks to its wide toe. Coming with three-dimensional rubber inserts on the hard-wearing tread, perfect grip is guaranteed, making these the perfect trainers at any time of day. They are even ideal for relaxation as their special structure means they can be used as comfortable slippers.

Shahira £110.00 Geox (Shop Now)

The Shahira women's trainers combine super trendy, sought-after materials with comfort and well-being, with a sole that is made breathable by the exclusive Geox patented perforations and that creates the perfect internal microclimate, for constant well-being and feet that are always dry. Made in orange and dark yellow shiny suede with shocking pink mesh inserts on the upper that increase breathability, the Shahira trainers have a removable insole that ensures hygiene and practicality for all-round comfort. The EVA, TPU and rubber tread also ensures extreme lightness, flexibility, grip, resilience and stability when walking.

Sukie £100.00 Geox (Shop Now)

The Sukie women's trainers are so light and flexible that you won't even feel like you're wearing them. With a nubuck leather upper in a versatile shade of light taupe, they have a breathable, perforated, Geox patented sole that provides extreme and lasting well-being with every step, keeping your feet dry at all times. Perfect for free time and with casual outfits, the Sukie trainers have a sporty style and a modern design. Their breathability is maximised by the mesh inserts on the upper that helps the foot to breath naturally. The removable insole also guarantees hygiene and practicality, while lightness, cushioning and flexibility are ensured by the EVA and TPU sole.

Modesty £90.00 Geox (Shop Now)

Versatile, comfortable and perfect for summer, these women's Modesty trainers come complete with all the comforts provided by Geox technology. Coming in a stylish white and silver version made from glitter leather and pearlescent fabric, they feature an iconic, perforated and breathable rope sole complete with the exclusive Geox patent, which keeps feet dry at all times to offer maximum comfort and well-being. Coming with an easy-to-wear, on-trend design, these Modesty trainers have a rubber tread that provides perfect grip for a safe, stable gait and will be hard-wearing over time.

Myria £100.00 Geox (Shop Now)

Striking the perfect balance between an understated design and comfort, these women's Myria trainers feature perforated, breathable soles due to the Geox patent, creating the perfect, stable micro-climate within, which keeps feet dry at all times. Made in light taupe suede that comes in both shiny and natural versions, they feature a 10mm internal insole that provides even greater comfort and support. Perfect for more casual looks, as well as leisure, the Myria trainers come with an outer side zip that makes them easy to put on and comfortable, while the rubber tread ensures outstanding grip and will be hard-wearing over time.

Maedrys £90.00 Geox (Shop Now)

Comfortable, practical and easy to wear, Maedrys women's trainers are perfect as part of casual looks and for leisurewear. They come with a rope sole that features the iconic Geox patent, making them breathable and snug and keeping feet dry at all times. Super fashionable with their contemporary design and clean look, they are right up-to-date with the coolest trends of the moment. Made in fuchsia suede with a slip-on upper that makes them easy and practical to get on, they feature a removable insole that guarantees hygiene and practicality. The TR tread ensures the perfect grip for stable, safe and comfortable walking all day long.

Snake £75.00 Geox (Shop Now)

With the sporty vibes that make them perfect as part of casual outfits, these women's Snake trainers come with breathable soles due to the Geox patent, offering constant comfort, while the light grey suede and fabric upper features the logo and a contrasting counter. The hygienic and practical removable insole is made from leather to increase breathability and guarantee that feet stay dry at all times, while the rubber tread ensures perfect grip and will be hard-wearing over time. All-round well-being with every step, all day long.

Stardust £115.00 Geox (Shop Now)

To enjoy leisure time to the full, comfortable shoes are a must. Stardust women's trainers, with the perforated, breathable soles of all Geox shoes, ensure long-lasting comfort, every step of the way, also thanks to the uppers in perforated nappa leather which further increase breathability. Embellished with suede details, touched up in optical white, Stardust trainers are ideal for a casual look, with an internal wedge to support the foot and enhance the legs without making walking tiring. With removable insoles for maximum hygiene and practicality, the soles are in EVA making them light, flexible and shock-absorbent, step after step, all day long.
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