This company was one of the first companies back in 1923 to make yoga mats in the UK for the very early yoga movement.

Yoga -Mad now make mats and all the accessories you need to practise yoga at home from mats in varying sizes , blocks and of course bags and balls.

John Lewis stocks this excellent range of yoga accessories for your practice.

Yoga-Mad Evolution 4mm Yoga Mat £29.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Enjoy better grip during your workout with the Evolution Yoga Mat from Yoga Mad.
The Evolution Yoga Mat features optimal grip and is soft to the touch with a stylish double-sided design. This mat provides great cushioning and is 4mm thick, the most popular thickness of yoga mat for regular yoga practice. But it also very light and easy to transport, coming with a convenient colour co-ordinated carry strap.
Recyclable and degradable, it is PVC and latex free, making it kinder on the environment than normal yoga mats.

Yoga-Mad Core Fitness 10mm Yoga Mat £29.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

This 10mm mat is made with NBR foam for extra cushioning. It's an ideal Pilates or exercise mat and still only weighs a fraction over 1kg, making it light enough to carry around, with the included removable carry strap.

Yoga-Mad Warrior II 6mm Yoga Mat £22.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Enjoy your yoga workout with the Warrior II Yoga Mat.
The Warrior II Yoga Mat not only offers all the great features of the original Warrior Mat such as good cushioning but the Warrior II offers improved grip and is phthalate free.
6mm thickness gives you extra cushioning and at 183cm (6ft) long you'll stay on the mat throughout your practice.

Yoga-Mad Vari Massage Foam Roller £29.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

The Vari Massage Foam Roller from Yoga Mad is a durable and versatile accessory, offering varying degrees of intensity for at-home massage.
The ultimate roller for myofascial release, the Vari Massage Foam Roller helps massage and release tight muscles. It has a range of different patterns for varying massages to suit your individual needs.
Its unique dual ABS and EVA construction will not break down, lose its shape, or require costly replacement as a result of frequent use.

Yoga-Mad Ab Wheel Pro £20.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Work on those abs with the Ab Wheel Pro.
This is a serious abdominal training tool offering a new take on an old theme. The two wheel design offers improved stability plus the option of using one or both arms usage. There's a brake that is operated by simply twisting the wrist, to help to prevent over stretching and injury.

Yoga-Mad Swiss Fitness Ball and Pump £15.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Liven up your workout with the Yoga Mad Swiss Fitness Ball and Pump.
This Swiss Ball has a load rating of 125kg. Use it for fit-ball workouts, yoga, Pilates and physiotherapy. It can also be used as a chair to aid with postural problems. It is not recommended to use this ball when weight training.
This anti-burst ball comes with a pump for easy inflation.

Yoga-Mad Trigger Point Massage Ball Set £9.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Use the Trigger Point Massage Ball Set from Yoga Mad for 3 different hardness levels to focus on acupressure massage and trigger point release.
Start with the softest, least aggressive ball and work through levels of suitable hardness when you position each ball on the point to be massaged.
For the lower back or glutes, start in a sitting position; for calf muscles or thighs try either sitting or lying on the floor and gently roll around on the ball. For shoulders and upper back, place the ball between your back and a wall. For the neck, roll the ball around between your neck and open palm.
Use in conjunction with a foam roll for enhanced at-home massage.

Yoga-Mad Yoga Brick £7.49 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Get the support you need to go deeper into poses with the Yoga Mad Yoga Brick.
Made from hi-density EVA, this brick is solid, providing support without bending or squashing whilst being safer and lighter at 350g than the traditional wooden yoga brick.
Yoga bricks are used to extend reach and provide support or lift in a number of yoga poses or asanas.

Yoga-Mad Vari Massage Stick £19.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Enjoy deep tissue massage at home with the Vari Massage Stick from Yoga Mad.
This new generation massage stick delivers two different arrangements for maximum deep tissue massage. Target your trigger points and get myofascial release on specific parts of the body including: quads, thighs, hamstrings, ITB (Iliotibial Band Release), calves and Achilles.
The massage stick is also highly effective on the upper body for massaging the shoulders, neck and arms. Use before or after exercise to increase circulation, soothe tight muscles and ease aches and pains. It can help to speed up muscle recovery time.

Yoga-Mad 6" Massage Foam Roller £14.99 John Lewis (Shop Now)

This half-length Massage Foam Roller from Yoga Mad is ideal for muscle release on the legs.
At 6" (15cm) and 600g in weight, it's put to good use by runners and other athletes, and those looking for ITB massage (Iliotibial Band Release).

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