Fortnum & Mason Infusions

Fortnum & Mason uplifting and delicious herbal and fruit infusions are made from the finest raw ingredients, from close-to-home and far afield.

Just in time for summer Fortnum & Mason have brought us these delicious new flavours to try that we think will taste just as good cold as an iced tea as they do as a traditional cup of tea.

Elderflower, Strawberry & Rose Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Inspired by the scents and tastes of an English summer garden, the naturally sweet taste and floral aroma combines to make an infusion essential for sunny day sipping, al fresco.

Rhubarb, Raspberry & Nettle Leaf Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Beautifully sharp then blissfully mellow to taste, this bright red infusion is superbly warming and fruity and redolent of rhubarb crumble. A refreshing and unique tipple for true infusion lovers.

Liquorice, Mint & Lemon Verbena Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Naturally sweet and zesty with lingering liquorice notes after each sip, this delightful infusion is a perfect caffeine-free pick-me-up at any time of the day.

Sour Cherry & Orange Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

A bright pink infusion with a lovely tart-sweetness, vivid notes of cherry and sun-ripe orange, and a gorgeous almond-like aftertaste. A rich and fruity any-time-of-day drink.

Rooibos Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Naturally red in colour and wonderfully smooth to taste, this caffeine-free alternative to tea is a tradtional South African favourite, and enjoyable with or without milk.

Apricot, Honey & Lavender Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Made with Fortnum's own wildflower-rich Salisbury Plain honey, this light, floral and mellow infusion combines sweet notes of fruity apricot and honey with calming lavender.

Spiced Rose & Fennel Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

With a floral aroma and a memorably spicy, liquorice-infused taste, this middle eastern-inspired infusion is distinctive and supremely sippable.

Ginger & Sicilian Lemon Infusion Tin £7.50 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

A beautifully fiery ginger and lemon infusion, this refreshing blend evokes memories of homemade lemonade and ginger beer. A refreshing sunny day essential.
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