Griddled Pineapple with Smoked Bread and Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Perfect for a weekend feast, this summer dessert only needs a few ingredients and can even be made on the barbecue. Griddling the pineapple with cinnamon and maple syrup brings out its natural sweetness and really allows the exotic fruit to sing. Serve with a no-churn banana and brown bread ice cream for a vegan-friendly dessert that is low in fat, saturates and loaded with 2 of your 5 a day.

Serves 6 - 25 mins to prepare and 10 mins to cook, plus freezing - 142 calories / serving

4 ripe bananas, peeled
2 slices brown bread
4 tbsp maple syrup
2 pineapples, peeled and each cut into 6 wedges
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

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Put the bananas in a freezer bag or freezer-proof container and freeze for 6-8 hours, until completely frozen.

Heat a griddle pan over a high heat and toast the bread slices for 1-2 minutes each side to get char marks. 

Alternatively, do this on a charcoal barbecue once the coals are glowing and the flames have died down. 

Whizz the toast in a food processor until fine breadcrumbs form. Remove and cool.
Pulse the frozen bananas in the food processor until breadcrumb-like in consistency. Add 3 tbsp maple syrup and the breadcrumbs and whizz until smooth and combined. Pour into a freezerproof container and freeze until ready to serve.
If using a gas barbecue, preheat to medium, or if using charcoal wait for the last glowing embers. Brush the remaining maple syrup over the pineapple wedges and sprinkle with the ground cinnamon. Cook for 5-6 minutes on each side until charred and golden then serve with the ice cream.

Recipe courtesy of Tesco
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