Pizza Ovens

Everybody loves pizza, it is so quick an easy to make and you can top it with whatever takes your fancy.

These pizza ovens let you bring the authentic tastes and smells of Italy home and make your pizza making and eating experience more authentic than just popping one in the oven.

We have chosen some fun small ones that are perfect for including your guests/family in making their own pizzas making it a fun dinner party option or you can go for the bigger pizza ovens that can live in your outdoor space and add a little diversity to your garden party repertoire.

Global Gourmet Italian Pizza Oven £34.95 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Ideal for entertaining with guests, The Global Gourmet Italian Pizza Oven bakes delicious mini pizzas in a matter of minutes.
The terracotta dome is designed to circulate heat for the perfect pizza cooking environment, while the base gives extra crispy results. So simple to use, just plug in the machine and it's ready for use in 10 minutes. This model comes complete with 4 stainless steel spatulas, which are ideal for serving.

Fontana Outdoor BBQ and Pizza Oven £2999.95 Cuckooland (Shop Now)

The Fontana Outdoor BBQ and Pizza Oven cleverly combines a traditional stone based pizza oven with the inclusion of a barbecue function allowing you to have a massive cook out with your friends and family. With two chambers, the back being a wood fired oven and the front a grilling chamber for barbecuing not only can you use it to cook pizza, it's also perfect for bread, meats and vegetables the possibilities are endless! The combination of the natural rock wool insulation and stone cooking surface allows the oven to maintain its temperature giving the best wood fired cooking whilst also cutting back on the amount of fuel used - perfecto! With the retractable handles and wheels place this beauty in any spot of your outdoor space to enhance your al fresco dining experience and be the envy of all your friends!

Artesa Tabletop Mini Pizza Oven £44.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Ideal for cooking individual pizzas and garlic breads, this tabletop oven lets you and your guests make your own mini margheritas, marinaras or meat feasts, just the way you like them – simply add the toppings of your choice and slide the mini pan into place for perfect personalised pizzas. And with its artisan design and brick-styled terracotta finish, it makes a lovely looking centrepiece for an evening of Italian dining too.

Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven with Baking Stone £199.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

The Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is fuelled by 100% sustainable beechwood pellets, which are dense and inexpensive. They are just like regular wood, only compressed. They ignite easily, helping the oven reach temperatures of over 500°C in just 10 minutes!

The cordierite pizza stone inside absorbs and holds the heat and soaks up any moisture in your dough to give you traditionally crisp-crusted pizza in as little as 60 seconds.

What’s more, the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven is for more than just pizza. It lets you bake flat breads, roast vegetables, cook meat and fish without having to leave the party.

Margherita Outdoor Gas Fired Pizza Oven £1875.00 Cuckooland (Shop Now)

The Margherita Outdoor Gas Fired Pizza Oven gives you the opportunity to experience traditional Italian cooking from your own back garden. The food cooks in the same compartment as the fire which means less time cooking and more time eating and entertaining! Developed from the successful wood fired pizza oven you can experience traditional Italian cooking but with the convenience of gas. The brick cooking base will give your pizza a lovely crispy crust and not only can you use it to cook pizza, it's also perfect for bread and vegetables. The stainless steel body allows the oven to reach optimum cooking temperature and the natural rock wool insulation means it can maintain this temperature, cooking your food to perfection! Whether using it for a dinner party with friends or fun with the family at the weekend wheel this beauty out and let the feast begin!

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