Waitrose World Deli

Summer time is all about getting out and enjoying the most of the limited sunny weather so this delicious new range of world foods from Waitrose is just perfect for your picnics in the park, back yard BBQ's or even just something a little different for your lunch box.

This Worl Deli range is packed with lots of new flavours and new ways of eating foods you probably already love.

So fill up your basket and take a trip around the world through your taste buds.

Waitrose sweet potato falafels £3.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Grated potato and sweet potato bound with cumin spiced onions, Vostizza currants, coriander and lemon zest.

Waitrose World Deli Roasted Beetroot Crush £2.50 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Roasted beetroot and beetroot topped with Feta cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds

Waitrose World Deli Chargrilld Veg/Quinoa £2.50 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Chargrilld Vegtable and Quinoa

Waitrose World Deli Spinach and Feta Parcels £3.50 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Spinach, cream cheese and feta wrapped in pastry.

Waitrose World Deli Pecan/Pistcho Salad £2.50 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Pecan, pistacho and quinoa salad

Waitrose World Deli Chipotle Charred Sweetcorn Slaw £2.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Shredded cabbage, carrot and onion in a smoky mayonnaise dressing, charred sweetcorn and chipotle ketchup

Waitrose World Deli Katsu Chicken Pastries £3.50 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Baked pastry filled with minced chicken thigh, onion, red pepper, coconut cream and coriander

Waitrose World Deli Spiced Butternut Filo Straws £3.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Baked pastry filled with butternut squash, onion, chick peas, red pepper, tomato, apricots, chilli, spices and herbs

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