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If you have always wanted and orchid but are to scared of killing it with your not so green fingers or just don't ave the time and patience you need to grow one then we have found some that need no care at all from Bloom....

Yes these beautiful orchids are all artificial but look like the real thing so you can enjoy the beauty of an orchid in your home but with non of the hassle of a real one.

These orchids look so real your guests will be jealous of your green fingered skills.. it's up to you whether you correct them or not.

Grand Phalaenopsis Centrepiece £159.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

You could probably create this gorgeous phalaenopsis centrepiece yourself - but it would take a lot of time, patience and effort. On the other hand, you could take the 'Bloom option' and display it straight from the box. Either way, those exquisite phalaenopses are so incredibly realistic that everyone will assume you're a green-fingered genius. Unless you tell them otherwise...

Petite Red Orchid £29.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

There's something particularly endearing about this little red orchid. Gorgeously coloured with a red that's almost saturated in its intensity, it's exotic without being excessive, possessing a quiet confidence rather than desperately seeking attention. Subtle, sophisticated and a stunning addition to your home.

Dancing Oncidium Orchid £99.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

Imagine a perfect tropical island. Unspoilt, almost forgotten - one of those tiny dots on a map of the Caribbean. You're standing on the shoreline looking out at a sea the colour of sapphires. Beneath your feet the sand is warm, soft and white as salt. In the trees parakeets - fabulously coloured in shades of turquoise, orange, yellow and blue - flit back and forth among the blossoms. The breeze, soft as a sigh, is perfumed with a heady mix of exotic fragances... Paradise? Very nearly - and this is the home of the flowers in our oncidium orchid centrepiece. Perhaps you'll never stand on that wonderful beach. Oh well, never mind - this gorgeous arrangement can still help you dream. It's a riotous, carefree cornucopia of hothouse colours set in a simple, elegant globe vase. On a windowsill it will make the room seem sunnier, on a sideboard it's a glorious focal point. And when the day is grey and your mood's a little blue it's the perfect pick-me-up, a veritable tropical tonic.

Single Petite Phalaenopsis £25.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

Dainty, delicate and demure is how she seems; and far too pure and innocent to survive in this big, bad, wicked world. But look a little closer at our petite phalaenopsis - there's a feistiness behind the frailty, a knowingness beneath the naivete.

Madame Butterfly Orchid £129.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

Inspired by Puccini's most famous work, our Madame Butterfly orchid is a 'must-have' for all romantics. The opera itself is a story of ill-starred lovers - an American sailor and a geisha. Written in 1900, it highlights the insurmountable cultural and social difference that divided East and West. And like the original Madame Butterfly our orchid has a sense of excitement, drama and passion. But the moment you unpack it you'll know that unlike the opera, this is a story with a happy ending.

Forest Orchid and Fern Centrepiece £199.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

Imagine discovering a secret forest where no-one had ever been before. There, on the mossy fern-strewn floor - untrodden by human feet - you see an orchid. Delicate, perfect and so beautiful you almost wonder if it's real. An orchid in other words, rather like this. And while we're in an imaginative frame of mind, here's another thought. Some Native American tribes used to craft special artefacts to capture and hold dreams before they vanished as the sleeper awoke. Many museums in the USA have collections of these dream catchers. Perhaps our orchid is a variation on the theme - a daydream catcher.

Black Triple Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid in Glass Bowl £99.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

Some flowers epitomise innocence and purity. Some on the other hand have a darker side. Like our black triple phalaenopsis. Every seductive inch a femme fatale, she's a shady lady with a fascinating past. The original was the cause of intense, often bitter competition between 17th century plant breeders. Today this beautifully crafted black phalaenopsis is still the centre of attention, prompting the question "What a wonderfully dramatic plant. Where did you get it?"

Yellow Oncidium Orchid £149.00 Bloom (Shop Now)

Dancing oncidium orchid - if that sounds a little fanciful, wait until you see this enchanting silk flower 'perform' in your own home. Even in the slightest breeze - just a whisper of air - the exquisite flower heads shimmer and quiver, filtering the light through their delicate translucent petals. The effect is mesmerizing and uplifting - a carefree celebration of life and colour and movement. Presented in a root-lined glass vase, our dancing oncidium orchid is crafted by hand and choreographed by nature. It's just waiting for the music to begin...
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