Gourmet Cooking Accessories

We have been looking to up our game in the kitchen lately and bring some new and interesting flavours to our dishes to wow our guests and have found some amazing gadgets and kitchen accessories that we think will do the trick.

If you too are looking to try some new cooking techniques and add some new flavours to your cooking you are going to love these gourmet cooking accessories.

From a Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Block the most natural way to season your food to a Sous Vide Wand that will give you the most tender meat and keeps flavours fresh.

So surprise all your friends all guests at your next dinner party with your new cooking skills with a little help from these amazing finds.

Lakeland Sous Vide Wand £99.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Sous vide cooking has long been popular in restaurants as it allows chefs to evenly cook the most tender meat, vegetables bursting with fresh flavour and fish that flakes at the touch of a fork… Helping you achieve the same results, the Lakeland Sous Vide Wand is incredibly easy to use, and works a little magic so anyone can cook amazing food with minimal effort.

Clip the Sous Vide Wand onto a deep pan of water, turn the dial to set the time and temperature, wait for the beep that tells you to pop your vacuum packed food in, and leave it to do the rest! There’s no need to watch over the pan: the stainless steel wand gradually warms the water to the optimum temperature and regulates it with precision – within a tenth of a degree – so there’s absolutely no risk of spoiling your food. The result is beautifully cooked food without any compromise on taste or texture, and with more nutrients retained. Even the cheapest cuts of meat are transformed into succulent, gourmet meals given the sous vide treatment.

Salt House Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Block £36.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

For the most natural way to season your food as it cooks, try salt block cooking – the ancient art of grilling, chilling, searing and serving on a salt block. Responsibly sourced from salt reserves in the Salt Range mountains of Pakistan, each chunky block is unique, deriving its subtle variation in flavour and pinkish colour from the particular blend of minerals present in the salt seam it was carefully mined from.

Long-lasting and naturally resilient to extremes of temperature, a Himalayan salt block only has to be held in your hands for you to appreciate just how heavy it is, and it’s this mass – combined with salt’s heat retention properties and the fact that it reacts differently depending on the moisture, fat, sugar, starch and protein content of different foods – that make it the perfect kitchen essential for imparting just the right amount of flavour to whatever is being cooked or cooled on or under it. There’s no end to the ways you can use it: from curing meat or fish to searing scallops or making salted caramel ice cream, the possibilities are endless and, because it lasts so long, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to experiment. Its low porosity means it doesn’t hold on to flavours so you can switch between sweet or savoury foods without compromising their taste – just a simple wipe of its surface once it’s back to room temperature and it’s ready to use again.

The Smoking Gun - Handheld Food Smoker £64.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

From Michelin-starred restaurants to trendy cocktail bars, subtle smoky flavours are the way to finish off dishes and drinks, and The Smoking Gun food smoker is the only product on the market that allows you to recreate those gourmet touches at home.

Not only is it simple to use, this hand-held smoker produces cold smoke so you'll be amazed at the variety of foods that can be smoked without changing their texture – cheese, salads, shellfish, butter, even chocolate, or how about a smoky Bloody Mary?

Once you've tried the traditional wood chips, why not experiment a little with flavours like tea, spices or dried flowers?

Heston Precision Flat Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale £29.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Designed by Salter, the weights and measures experts, to meet the exacting standards of Heston Blumenthal, this slim kitchen scale with hygienic stainless steel platform will weigh from as little as one gram up to 5kg with ultimate accuracy. It’s perfect for bakers in search of precision and it has an aquatronic function to weigh liquids too.

Adhoc Stainless Steel Dried Chilli Cutter Mill £24.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

In such an eye-catching design, this acrylic mill will look ‘hot’ at the table accompanying pizza, yet is equally useful in the kitchen for anyone who’s looking for a handy, mess-free way to add dried chillies to their cooking. Rather than grinding, the unique stainless steel mechanism actually cuts the chillies to fully release the aroma and flavour. And where else would you want to store them!

Lakeland Cook’s Mini Blow Torch £16.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Compact enough to store in a drawer but powerful enough to handle any task you would expect of a cook’s blowtorch, this mini version is perfect for occasional chefs or those with limited storage space.

Gourmet Mandoline Slicer £32.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

For a handheld mandoline, this model is incredibly versatile. You can safely and easily switch between three cutting thicknesses, julienne or French fry without having to touch the stainless steel blades, while the special safety guard latches on to the device so it won’t ever slide off. With a soft-grip handle and non-slip feet, it can be used on a countertop or over a bowl.

Misto Oil Sprayer £9.29 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Healthier and more economical than drizzling your food with olive oil, once you have filled this aluminium-bodied mister, simply pump the cap to pressurise ready for spraying. Easy to keep clean, it has a non-clogging nozzle.

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