Healthy Cooking Gadgets

We are all trying to work on our healthy eating habits but sometimes the lure of a crispy bowl of delicious chips can tempt us off track so we have been looking for some gadgets to help us stay on course.

Lakeland have a selection of gadgets that will make it a lot easier to stick to your healthy eating plans, with the air fryer you can have your favourite crispy chips but with non of the oil, the steamer will cook your vegetables quickly while retaining all their goodness and you can whip up some cauliflower rice in an instance with the food processor.

So delve in to those healthy cooking books you bought but haven't yet cooked anything from and get in the kitchen and cook up some up masterpieces with these gadgets.

Magimix Le Micro 12245 Mini Satin Food Processor £59.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

The smallest addition to Magimix’s line of food processors, Le Micro is packed with features that belie its compact footprint.

Ideal for a smaller kitchen, the processor features strong Sabatier stainless steel blades, powerful enough to whizz through meat, veggies, cheese and nuts with ease. Simple to use, just use the one-touch pulse button and let Le Micro do the rest. With an 800ml bowl, it is ideal for a quick batch of salsa, a homemade pesto, a portion of chopped hazelnuts or turning some small cuts of meat into freshly ground mince.

Also included is an emulsifying attachment, specially designed for making your own silky smooth mayonnaise, while the bowl, lid and attachment are all dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean up. Once you’ve finished, the compact size means it is incredibly easy to store, taking up next to no cupboard space.

With everything we have come to know and love about Magimix’s food processors in this neat package, Le Micro is sure to prove its worth in any kitchen.

Lakeland Touchscreen Healthy Air Fryer 2.6L £79.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Get ready for guilt-free fry days! The Lakeland Touchscreen Air Fryer cooks with little or no oil so you can enjoy lighter versions of all your favourite foods without sacrificing the flavour.

There’s nothing quite as tempting as a portion of crisp, golden home-made chips, but all the oil used in traditional chip fryers might have meant they were previously off the menu… Say hello then to our clever Touchscreen Air Fryer that allows you to have your chips and eat them! Using just one teaspoon of oil to cook up to 500g of chips, it circulates hot air from all directions to cook food evenly for much lighter, perfectly ‘fried’ chips, meat, fish, poultry and seafood that’s easier on the waistline.

When it comes to frying healthier food, achieving a perfectly crunchy golden chip with a fluffy middle is the ultimate test – and we’re happy to report that our Air Fryer passes every time – but there’s so much more you can cook in this versatile fryer. Think lower fat sweet potato wedges and skinny fries; healthier fish fillets and chicken pieces; frozen foods like onion rings or scampi with no oil at all; and even sweet treats too. In fact, you can cook almost anything you would usually cook in a deep fat fryer – all without having to dunk your food in a greasy pan of oil.

Cuisinart CookFresh Professional Glass Steamer STM1000U £199.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Employing a revolutionary technique, the CookFresh Professional steamer delivers powerful steam from above food, rather than below, circulating it quickly and evenly across your ingredients for consistent, perfect results. And whether you dish up as soon as your food is cooked or use the keep warm feature until you’re ready to serve, you can lift off the robust, elegant glass steaming dish and take it straight to the table, keeping washing-up to a minimum.

The clear digital display and countdown timer are easy to use, too – just set the time, press start and steaming will begin within just 30 seconds. Giving you complete control, you can select pause to season or add extra ingredients without interrupting the cooking process, there’s a reheat function should dinner be delayed, and a warning beep makes sure you know if the water tank is running low.

With a steaming bowl and colander for rice and veg and clear guidelines on how long to steam all sorts of different foods, this clever machine just made healthy eating a whole lot easier.

Lakeland Fold-Out Grill £69.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Enjoy griddled sunshine food even when the summer’s long gone with our versatile Fold-Out Grill. The top grill plate has 5 adjustable height settings and its clever design means that the non-stick plates stay perfectly aligned to ensure even cooking results without squashing the food inside. You can even position the top grill above your food to melt cheese on open sandwiches. With special fold-out feet to angle the plates so fat can drain away, and a built-in drip tray to collect it, it’s perfect for healthier grilling and couldn’t be easier to use.

Ideal for cooking meat, fish, veg, or toasting sandwiches, there’s also the option to fold the top plate out flat so you can double your cooking surface, making it just the thing for rustling up a tasty cooked breakfast for all the family. A simple dial allows you to easily select your temperature from 90 to 230ᵒC and there’s an indicator light to let you know when it’s ready to cook. It comes with a cleaning tool and, when you’re done, the plates, drip tray and cleaning tool can all go in the dishwasher.

Lakeland Stainless Steel Stick Hand Blender £64.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Blending, chopping and whisking at the push of a button, with its powerful 800W motor and turbo button for extra oomph, our versatile, stainless steel Stick Blender performs as good as it looks, making quick work of kitchen tasks without having to resort to your bulky food processor. It’s packed with features too:

500ml mini chopper for onions, meat, nuts and baby food
800ml lidded beaker for soups, sauces and mayonnaise
stainless steel whisk for egg whites, desserts and cake mixes
extra-long stainless steel foot, ideal for hot and cold ingredients
ergonomic handle
compact storage bag keeps the whole kit together

Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker £124.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Make delicious home-made soup with no mess or fuss. The Touchscreen Soup Maker chops, blends, cooks, simmers and stirs your soup from start to finished perfection, all in one jug.

Simply add your ingredients, select one of the 4 pre-programmed functions and 30 minutes later you can be tucking into tasty, freshly-made soup.

There are automatic settings for rustically chunky or smooth and creamy soup and, if you want to make your own recipes, the temperature can be set from 75 to 100°C and the timer up to 60 minutes, and three blend speeds – low, medium or high – let you get it exactly the way you want it. And it’s really easy to use, too: just make your selection on the touchscreen LED control panel. There’s a countdown timer to let you know when your soup is going to be ready and it beeps when stirring, when cooking is finished and it’s keeping warm.

It also does much more than make soup. One of the other automatic settings let you cook and blend sauces in as little as 20 minutes, and the ice setting blends without heating to create nutritious smoothies, milkshakes, baby food and cold dips and sauces.

My Kitchen Food Dehydrator £52.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Create your own healthy, dried fruit and veg snacks with our easy-to-use Food Dehydrator. It's also excellent for preserving seasonal fruit all year round to use in your marmalades, jams and salsas.

Incredibly easy to use, simply slice your chosen fruit and arrange on one of the five height-adjustable trays, where a gentle heat from the base will flow evenly through, drawing away moisture without cooking the contents. Flavours and aromas are preserved and concentrated, and shelf life is extended too.

It's super for making candied peel and can be used for drying out herbs too, or why not try 'sun-drying' your own tomatoes. There are included instructions in the box, and some information on drying times too.

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