Stateside Treat Emporium

Ok so who doesn't love chocolate... Here at Mrs D Daily we are all certified chocoholic chocolate connoisseurs so when we came across Stateside Treat Emporium and their falvour combinations we had to give them a try.
All of Stateside Treat Emporium  products are handmade in the United Kingdom by their highly experienced chocolatiers and recreate nostalgic American flavour combinations that are just too deliciously moreish.

With eleven different, fun flavours to choose from you can fill your snack draw with these chocolate bars, but we suggest you ask someone to hide them from you and ration them out as you could quite easily finish them as soon as you get them

These are our favourite flavours to get you started

Cookies And Cream White Chocolate Bar £3.75 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

Some things just go together. Chocolate chip vanilla cookies and creamy white chocolate are a perfect combination.
Chocolate Flavoured Cookies and Dark Chocolate Chips in White Chocolate.
A deliciously creamy white chocolate bar containing crumbled chocolate flavoured cookies and sprinklings of deliciously dark chocoate chips to recreate a classic American taste.

Ice Cream Float White Chocolate Bar £3.75 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

Fizzy cola and creamy vanilla ice cream - just the type of treat we'd order in a roadside diner on a hot summer day.
Natural flavour and popping candy in white chocolate.
A deliciously creamy white chocolate bar containing natural flavour and popping candy to recreate the taste of a nostalgic ice cream float.

Maple Bacon Pancake Milk And White Chocolate Bar £3.75 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

Maple syrup. Smoky bacon. Sweet pancake. Now with chocolate, too. The best breakfast ever? We think so.
Maple, Bacon and Butter Scotch Flavour in Milk and White Chocolate
A deliciously creamy milk chocolate barcontaining maple, bacon and butter scotch flavour, drizzled in white chocolate to create the illusion of maple syrup drizzling down a stack of pancakes.

Red Velvet Milk Chocolate Bar £3.75 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

An American classic dessert now in milk chocolate!
Deliciously intense chocolate with freeze dried raspberries, a dash of creamy cheese and vanilla flavour.
A deliciously creamy milk chocolate bar containing a dusting of freeze dried raspberries to give the bar a red sheen with a splash of vanilla and extra cocoa powder to give an intensely chocolate flavour all finished off with a touch of cheese flavour to give the taste of a cream cheese frosting.

Peanut Butter S'mores Milk Chocolate Bar £3.75 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

Gooey marshmallow, peanut butter and creamy milk chocolate with crunchy cookie. The only thing missing is a campfire and the stars.
A deliciously creamy mik chocolate bar containing containing marshmallow, peanut butter and chocolate flavoured cookies to create recreate the taste of of the traditional campfire S'mores.
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