31 Dover Hot Craft Spirits 2017

Who wouldn’t want to sip Mermaid’s Gin with a splash of tonic plus some ice with a slice or maybe you wish to celebrate the English countryside with Elderflower Vodka.

31 Dover has a wide selection of new spirits for you to refresh your drinks trolley with ……. Cheers.

Anno Kent Dry Gin £31.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Anno Dry Gin is the first artisan gin to be crafted in Kent since the 1800s. This gin is fresh and flavoursome, combining classic gin flavours with a beautiful botanical melange which has been inspired by the Kent countryside. Anno sources a majority of their botanicals locally to represent a taste of Kent. This includes juniper, lavender, locally foraged elderflower, rose hips and fresh samphire, which adds a taste of the English seaside to this gin.

Anno Dry Gin has a light floral nose with juniper, citrus and spice flavours to taste and is completed with a crisp, long drying finish. Garnish with samphire and lime, to bring out the true flavours of Kent.

Hampshire Gin £34.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Named as homage to the county in which this gin is created, Hampshire Dry Gin features six botanicals. These include Macedonian juniper berries, coriander, angelica, lemon and lime; meaning that spicy, savoury and citrus notes are present. The lemon and lime botanicals are vapour-infused which makes this a gentle gin to taste.

This classic London dry gin is extremely well-balanced and boasts a fresh finish, making it a great base for classic gin cocktails. Make sure to serve with lots of ice and a slice of lemon or lime to help bring out the citrus botanicals.

Jelley's Elderflower Vodka £34.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Jelley's Elderflower Vodka is a celebration of the English countryside. Made in Northamptonshire, Jelley's Vodka is flavoured with coriander, liquorice, cardamom, orris root and lemon before being infused with local hand-picked elderflowers.

Try with soda, ice and a slice of bitter lemon for a tangy long drink. Or, mix up a Jelley's Vodka Martini with dry vermouth and a dash of orange bitters for a tart twist on a classic.

Wight Mermaids Gin £35.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Wight Mermaids Gin is made at the Isle of Wight Distillery, the first and only distillery on the small island.

Taking inspiration from the surroundings, Mermaids Gin uses hand-picked ingredients such as Rock Samphire from the chalk cliffs on the sunny south side of the Island, and hand-grown Boadicea hops from the famous Ventnor Botanic Garden. The resulting spirit is not only fresh, but captures the island spirit.

Wight Mermaids Gin is a refreshing, mild, smooth and slightly sweet peppery gin with hints of citrus from the hops. Serve with tonic, plenty of ice, a slither of cucumber and a couple of juniper berries, with the cucumber forming a bridge between the rock samphire and the lemon zest.

Brighton Gin £36.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Brighton Gin is a handmade gin, crafted in small batches and presented in hand prepared, wax-topped bottles. Made using organic British grain, the botanicals include coriander seed, juniper berries, lime peel, milk thistle and orange; making this a gin that boasts a sweet fresh citrus taste with a hint of spice.

This is a versatile gin which works brilliantly as a Martini and is also excellent as part of a Negroni with its great balance of gentle sweetness, spice, and citrus. To create an exceptionally refreshing G&T, we recommend serving with a slice of orange to help bring bring out the fresh orange peel botanical, which is persistent throughout Brighton Gin. This delicious gin can also be enjoy neat or on the rocks when garnished with orange.

Masons Original Yorkshire Gin £39.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Masons Original Dry Yorkshire Gin is an award-winning, delightfully dry gin with a distinctly different flavour profile.

Using Harrogate spring water along with juniper (a proportion of which is from their own bushes) and a combination of secret botanicals, the resulting gin is contemporary in style and packed with flavour. Aromas of liquorice, pepper and coriander are present on the nose, with fennel opening up on the palate and more liquorice, juniper and pine. On the finish there is a little smokiness, a hint of parma violet and malty notes almost reminiscent of whisky!

Tiger Gin £39.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Tiger Gin is a premium, award-winning gin distilled using pure English water, the finest botanicals and traditional methods. Eight known botanicals from various countries are carefully selected and sourced on a yearly basis from the best harvests to create a complex but smooth, sweet gin.

Dried orange & lemon peel combine to give this gin a sweet citrus nose and taste, whilst dried angelica root adds an earthy, woody backdrop. Coriander seeds and cassia bark help to add warm eastern spice notes which adds depth to this gin. Finally, two unknown secret ingredients complete the melange to give Tiger Gin its unique, individual taste.

Tapper's Darkside Gin £45.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

This locally inspired gin is distilled in West Kirby, near Liverpool and is produced in small batches entirely by hand, making it a truly artisan gin. There are eight botanicals in Tapper’s Darkside Gin including sea beet, chickweed and red clover flowers and leaves which combine to create a sweet gin with delightful herbal undertones, all which help to represent the coastal heritage of the brand.

Darkside Gin is naturally coloured by the Juniper berries it is created with giving it a natural amber-hue. Smooth and dry to finish, Tapper’s Darkside Gin makes the perfect G&T, especially when mixed with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and garnished with a sprig of thyme and orange.

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