Hedgehog Care in Your Garden

Hedgehogs will eat almost anything they come across in the garden, though they prefer beetles, worms and slugs. So why have a hedgehog house? Well apart from the fact that they will help keep the slug population down, only 75% of hedgehogs survive from one year to the next. This is usually due to insufficient safe habitat, though other reasons include the use of poison, slug pellets, general pesticides, strimmers and bonfires.

Waitrose garden have a great selection of hedgehog homes and food that will help you keep these beautiful little creatures safe this winter and the food will help supplement their diets and keep them full.

Hedgehog House £64.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

The hedgehog house is made from durable timbers with a double skinned roof for insulation and weather protection. The timber floor is raised to keep the damp out and the house can withstand crushing and strimming. Also the specially constructed entrance porch will help deter predators.
The best place to site your hedgehog house is in a quiet position out of prevailing winds and in an area with some cover. Pile leaves and short grass around the house plus a few handfulls of short dry grass and leaves inside to initiate a nest. Hopefully local hedgehogs will move in soon.

Igloo Hedgehog Home £22.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

This sturdy igloo house gives hedgehogs and other small mammals a safe, cosy sanctuary from pets, predators, harsh weather and garden tools.
The house is spacious enough to house a mother and hoglets, while the narrow entrance helps deter badgers, dogs and foxes. Made with a strong painted steel frame, the igloo has a felted waterproof roof covered with a brush wood finish and decorated with rattan bands.
Place the igloo within cover, out of prevailing wind, with leaves piled around the house for extra camouflage and short lengths of dry grass or leaves inside for nesting. You may want to anchor it down for extra security against boisterous dogs or high winds.
Though predominantly designed for shelter, the house may also be used for hibernation if extra brushwood cover is provided in winter.

Hedgehog Pot £21.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

This hedgehog house is designed to give those little visitors in your garden a warm, safe and dry environment in which to nest. This house is made from hand thrown terracotta which makes it very durable and will protect the hedgehogs from crushing and strimming.
The best place to site your hedgehog house is in a quiet position out of prevailing winds and in an area with some cover. Pile leaves and short grass around the house with a few handfuls of short dry grass and leaves placed inside to initiate a nest. Hopefully local hedgehogs will move in soon.

Deluxe Hedgehog Care Pack £34.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

A robust house made from sturdy coated steel with a water-resistant felt roof and natural brushwood finish provides valuable shelter and protection from cats and dogs, bonfires strimmers and other perils. It can be camouflaged with branches and foliage for extra protection.
A 100g tray of Spike’s Meaty Feast hedgehog food will give one hedgehog a tasty meal packed with protein and other nutrients with no artificial ingredients, colours or preservatives, and a fold-out laminated hedgehog guide includes information on hedgehog health, care and feeding.
A percentage of the sales of this kit goes to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to directly benefit hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Haus £32.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

Give a wild hedgehog shelter, sanctuary and a habitat of their own with this stylish timber house.
Made with a sturdy steel frame covered with textured brushwood and a waterproof felt lining to keep it snug and dry, the house has a narrow predator defence tunnel to deter dogs, badgers and foxes.
Place it in a quiet corner and cover with leaves and brushwood to make your hedgehog feel right at home. For extra security you can peg it down with tent pegs or similar.

I love hedgehogs feed £5.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

After hibernation, hedgehogs are busy foraging to regain their strength, give them a helping hand with this much needed boost.
This delicious blend includes nuts, fruit, sunflower hearts and cereals, laced with sweet energy-rich honey and dried insects to simulate the hedgehogs natural diet.

Spike's Delicious Dry Hedgehog Food £6.49 - £14.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

Designed to supplement the hedgehog’s natural diet, Spike's Delicious Dry kibbles are packed with nutritious chicken with a crunchy texture to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Keep both adults and hoglets happy with a fresh supply every evening alongside a shallow bowl of clean water.

Wild things hedgehog food £12.99 Waitrose Garden (Shop Now)

A tasty and nutritious mix of dried fruit, berries, nuts, fats and crunchy nuggets, Wild Things hedgehog blend provides an exciting variety of flavours and textures to attract hedgehogs all year round. As the feed won’t appeal to most cats and dogs, you can put it in the garden without worrying they’ll scoff it before the hedgehogs get a look in.
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