Margarita Ice Cream Recipe

Forget about vanilla and chocolate, frozen cocktails and boozy flavours have made ice cream a decadent dessert worthy of any dinner party. Inspired by the salty-citrus combination of a margarita cocktail, this homemade ice cream recipe doesn't need churning and only takes 10 minutes to whip up, so is great to prepare ahead if you have guests coming over. Serve in salt-rimmed glasses for an impressive and authentic finish.
Serves 10 - 10 mins to prepare, plus freezing - 380 calories / serving - Freezable

6-7 limes, 5-6 juiced, 1 zested and cut into wedges
3 tbsp tequila
3 1/2 tbsp triple sec or Cointreau
175g (6oz) icing sugar
575ml (20fl oz) double cream
fine sea salt, to decorate

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Mix the lime juice, tequila and triple sec (or Cointreau, if using) in a bowl. Stir in the icing sugar until dissolved.

Pour in the cream and whisk until soft peaks form, then spoon into a freezable container with a lid. 

Freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight.
Just over 30 minutes before serving, rub the rims of your serving glasses with a wedge of lime and then dip in the sea salt. Chill in the freezer for 30 minutes for a frosted effect.
Remove the ice cream from the freezer when ready to serve. There’s no need to leave it to soften, as the alcohol makes it a soft scoop ice cream. Divide between the salted glasses and garnish with a scattering of lime zest. Serve immediately.

Tip: When decorating the glasses, mix the sea salt with a little chilli powder if you’re feeling brave!
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