Oh K!

K-Pop inspired Oh K! is the Korean brand bringing us innovative skincare housed in adorable packaging.

From skin loving face masks to super cute lip balms that are a welcome change to the rest, Oh K! is forward thinking when it comes to ingredients, harnessing the latest innovations for the best results.

These are our favourites from the collection for a tip to toe Oh K! beauty regime

Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask £7.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

A gentle, yet thorough exfoliating treatment for tired, dry feet.
Created to completely rid the feet of dead skin cells, the Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask restores feet back to their best. The innovative two-step system works effectively to slough away dulling dead skin cells, callouses and flaking patches, leaving feat soft, supple and intensely hydrated.

Oh K! Sleep Mask £4.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

A deeply nourishing overnight face mask.
Working overtime whilst you sleep, the Oh K! Sleep Mask boasts a rich, creamy texture that delivers intense moisture and hydration deep into the skin. Packed to the brim with nourishing ingredients, it leaves you with smooth, glowing skin even without 8 hours rest.

Oh K! Snail Sheet Mask £6.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

An intensely hydrating sheet mask.
Developed to deliver much-needed hydration to parched skin cells, the Oh K! Snail Sheet Mask is ideal for those that suffer with dry to combination skin types. Infused with naturally hydrating extracts, this effective sheet mask is a one-step solution to achieving healthy, moisturised skin in just twenty minutes.

Oh K! Cherry Lip Mask £6.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

A nourishing lip mask.
Treating and protecting, Oh K! Cherry Lip Mask is a single-use lip patch. Formulated with cherry extract, use before makeup application or as a part of your skincare regime to moisturise, cool and deeply hydrate.

Oh K! Coffee Bean Hydrogel Mask £6.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

A wrinkle fighting gel face mask created for maturing, lacklustre skin.
Developed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles whilst imparting a youthful radiance, the Oh K! Coffee Bean Hydrogel Mask is an essential for fighting the first signs of ageing. Infused with antioxidant rich ingredients, this super soothing two-piece gel mask leaves the skin both brightened and tightened for total skin rejuvenation.

Oh K! Violet Flower Hand Mask £4.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

A moisturising mask for tired, over worked hands.
Created to intensely nourish and hydrate tired hands, the Oh K! Violet Flower Hand Mask is a one-step treatment to achieving soft, supple skin. Infused with a deeply nourishing serum, the treatment gloves allow for effective penetration into the skin, for hands which are soft, soothed and more youthful in appearance.

Oh K! Cleansing Pad Duo Pack £5.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

Two textured, silicone pads to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate skin.
Used in conjunction with your favourite facial cleanser, the Oh K! Cleansing Pad Duo Pack are a must-have addition to your skincare routine. Ergonomically designed with a handle and small flexible teeth, these palm-sized pads effectively slough away grime and dirt for a purified complexion. Boosting the effectiveness of your favourite cleanser, they're an essential for clean and glowing skin.

Oh K! Cherry Blossom Handcream £6.50 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

A cherry blossom scented moisturiser for the hands.
Housed in a spherical panda pot, the Oh K! Cherry Blossom Handcream works to rejuvenate dull, tired hands whilst looking super cute, too. The quick absorbing, lightweight formula is bolstered with a blend of naturally derived oils that work effectively to provide a smooth, silky finish.

Oh K! Lip Balm White Peach £5.50 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

Rich and nourishing, Oh K! Lip Balm White Peach moisturises and softens lips. A daily treatment and protection, the fruity white peach balm comes in a compact bear dispenser for easy, travel friendly use.

Oh K! Cosmetic Sponge £5.00 Beauty Bay (Shop Now)

With a semi-firm texture and almost hourglass shape, the Oh K! Cosmetic Sponge is designed to be used damp, seamlessly blending foundation, blush, highlight and bronze products to a flawless finish. Shaped with a pointed end, curves and a flattened base, it reaches larger and smaller contours of the face perfectly for an airbrushed complexion every time.

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