Show Stopper Cakes

Be inspired and done that apron, get out the mixing bowl and up your baking skills to make a show stopper cake with some help from Lakeland – well actually Lakeland can help you make a real jaw dropper from unicorns naturally to anti-gravity cakes.

I love the layer cakes; it’s like a hidden surprise when you cut open to reveal all the coloured layers of cake – so “get baking”.

Hemisphere Cake Pans £2.99 - £12.59 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Previously only achievable with lots of stacking and carving of cakes, perfectly round globes of cake can be yours, as simply as baking in these tins! Made from tough anodised aluminium which has great heat distribution properties, you just bake two halves, put them together and watch as friends marvel at your Christmas pud, football, planet, princess carriage, snowman… or any other cake you can dream up!
A single half makes a perfect igloo or ladybird cake. So much fun, and so simple... what will you make?

Anti-Gravity Cake Kits £3.99 - £14.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Create celebration cakes with ever more complicated structures using these latest additions to our Cake Tins family. Specially designed to provide invisible support to multi-tiered or spherical baking creations, all the kits' components are reusable, fit seamlessly together and can be used in any number of ways to give you even greater creative freedom.

Wilton® Easy Layer Cake Tins £14.99 - £15.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Normally, to bake cakes like these, you'd have to whip up multiple batches of cake mix and have the oven on for hours as you bake layer after layer. Not any more ... Thanks to Wilton's ingenious non-stick coated pans, you can bake all your sponges at once to create layer upon layer of loveliness. From ombre cakes to rainbow cakes, there are so many options for creating and decorating your multi-layered works of art.

Fillables Cake Tins £17.99 - £18.99 Lakeland (Shop Now)

Create a unique cake, with a delicious surprise hidden in each slice, using this ingenious set of tins. Add mixture to both, bake, then fill the pockets in the base with whatever treats you fancy – jelly beans, chocolates, sweets or maybe jam. To hide your treats, cover with buttercream or frosting, add the second cake layer and decorate. When it’s time to slice and serve, the scalloped edges act as a cutting guide so you can be sure each piece contains a treat.

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