Cire Trudon Candles

Bring some Parisian fragrance to your home with these historic and very elegant candles with a unique history. Claude Trudon opened his boutique creating beeswax candles on Paris’s rue Saint-Honoré in 1643, , setting the path for what would become the world’s oldest candle-maker. From supplying Versailles during the 18th century, to surviving the French Revolution - and later, the advent of electricity - Cire Trudon (as it later became called in 2007) has seen its fair share of history, perfecting its candles and fragrances along the way.

Today, Cire Trudon is famous for its subtly scented candles in gold crest-embossed Venetian glass containers

Cire Trudon Spiritus Sancti Great Candle £425.00 Coggles (Shop Now)

The Spiritus Sancti Great Candle from premium French candle creator Cire Trudon evokes the heady aromas of churches and cathedrals: burning wax, perfume burners and floral displays. Recited during prayers, ‘Spiritus Sancti’ refers to the Latin name for the Holy Spirit. Combining incense with lily of the valley, the Spiritus Sancti reflects the pure and sublime fragrances found in the house of God. The luxurious candle is contained within a jewel-green vessel, hand-blown in Tuscany and adorned with the iconic gold bas relief seal is presented in a stunning gift box.

Cire Trudon La Promeneuse Candle and Scented Wax Set £260.00 Coggles (Shop Now)

La Promeneuse Cameo Burner, created by Cire Trudon, France’s premier creator of luxury scented candles, offers a unique way to experience the variety of the House’s sophisticated and distinctive fragrance blends. Glamourous and functional, La Promeneuse features a jewel-green glass vessel, hand blown in Tuscany, housing a night light. Designed for Cire Trudon’s scented cameos, the wax will slowly melt on the burner’s ceramic dish, releasing the fragrance for eight hours per cameo. La Promeneuse includes four different fragranced cameos: Abd El Kader, Ernesto, Odalisque and Solix Rex and four night lights to offer an exclusive variety of fragrance options within a stunning home decoration.

Cire Trudon Ernesto Room Spray £170.00 Coggles (Shop Now)

The luxury Ernesto Room Spray from Cire Trudon. Considered the leading luxury French candle brand, the distinctive fragrance blends are inspired by momentous historical occasions and intriguing personalities. The Ernesto fragrance infuses bergamot with clove on a tobacco base for a rich and enigmatic fragrance evoking the life and legacy of the Argentinian Ernesto Guevara, the famed revolutionary also known as Cuban politician Che Guevara.
Presented in a mouth-blown gold vessel, hand-blown in Tuscany and adorned with the iconic gold bas relief seal, the spray comes with two pumps: a gold atomiser and a traditional gold spray head, and is presented in a luxury gift box.

Cire Trudon Maduraï Limited Collection Candle – Jasmine £78.00 Coggles (Shop Now)

The Maduraï Limited Collection Candle from premier French candle house Cire Trudon takes inspiration for its fragrances from historical people and places. The Maduraï candle is named after the southern Indian city renowned for its jasmine: believed to have been bestowed upon the city by the Hindu deity Shiva. Believed to have spiritual significance, the divine scent blends jasmine with ylang-ylang. Housed in a hand-blown Tuscan blue glass vessel, finished with a gold bas relief Cire Trudon crest, the candle is presented in a luxurious midnight blue gift box.

Cire Trudon Giambattista Valli Rose Poivrée Limited Collection Candle £78.00 Coggles (ShopNow)

The Rose Poivrée Limited Collection Candle, created by premium French candle house Cire Trudon in collaboration with Italian couture designer Giambattista Valli, created to celebrate the opening of the designer’s first Parisian store. Rose Poivrée combines Marie Antoinette’s love of the voluptuous, romantic rose with the surprising note of black pepper for a fresh yet subtle fragrance. The striking Rose Poivrée candle, hand poured in Normandy, is housed in a unique glossy white Tuscan glass vessel finished with the iconic bas relief Cire Trudon crest in black, is presented in a luxurious pale pink gift box.

Cire Trudon Solis Rex Classic Candle £70.00 Coggles (Shop Now)

Infuse your home with the majestic Solis Rex Classic Candle from Premium French candle makers Cire Trudon. Inspired by the ‘Sun King’, Luis XIV, the Solis Rex candle takes for its inspiration the magnificent parquetry of Chateau de Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors where incense harmonises with eucalyptus, conifer and cedar for a heady and regal bouquet. The luxurious candle is contained within a jewel-green vessel, hand-blown in Tuscany and adorned with the iconic gold bas relief seal is presented in a stunning gift box.
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