Fortnum & Mason Florentines

Are they a biscuit or a pastry, either way they are delicious with their mix of hazelnuts, almonds and candied cherries which are then mixed with sugar melted together with butter and honey and finished off with a layer of chocolate on the bottom.

These pleasantly sticky confections are quite irresistible and are made to Fortnum and Mason’s own special Florentines recipe.

Gold Dusted Dark Chocolate Florentines £9.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Fortnum’s bitter dark chocolate Florentine finished with a dusting of gold is the height of sophistication. Enhanced by the warmth of ginger, it’s a perfect accompaniment to an after dinner coffee. The only problem is finding space for just one more.

Pistachio & Pomegranate Florentines £9.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Moreish marvel, marrying fragrant Pistachio's with the tart flavour burst of Pomegranate seeds, balanced by luscious white chocolate. Delight in Fortnum’s Pistachio & Pomegranate Florentines. 

Orange, Lemon & Pine Nut Florentines £9.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Delicate aromatic pine nuts paired with the freshest of orange zests sat upon a lemon infused chocolate - the Mediterranean encapsulated in a Fortnum’s Florentine.

Salted Caramel Nut & Date Florentines £9.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

A decadent delight inspired by salted sticky toffee pudding with a chewy base made up of primarily dates and macadamia nuts with salted caramel. Need we say anymore…

Rum, Raisin & Custard Florentines £9.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Raisins soaked in rum combined with a creamy custard scented chocolate baked into a Florentine. Move over ice-cream, Fortnum’s Rum, Raisin & Custard Florentines are here!
Strawberry & Almond Florentines £9.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

The finest of summer fruits with almond heralded in a box of Fortnum’s Strawberry & Almond Florentines. Who needs pudding – game, set & match?

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