Godiva Single Origin Chocolate

Godiva have crafted some new truly delicious single origin chocolates made from Mexican chocolate and only the finest ingredients.

Each G by GODIVA chocolate tablet contains the most delicious and highest quality ingredients. Each tablet is moulded into artisanal curved tiles and wrapped in luxurious, gold-embossed paper and you can try the whole collection with this bundle and pick out your favourite(s)

Chocolate Tablet G by Godiva - bundle of 6 £30.00 Godiva (Shop Now)

G by Godiva Single Origin features 6 new tablets, made from silky Mexican milk and dark chocolate.
Discover the 6 new flavours in this delightful bundle; Milk Chocolate, Dark 68% Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Toasted Coconut, Dark Chocolate and Orange & Ginger flavour, Blond Chocolate Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Crisps.

Our favourites are....

Milk Hazelnut Crisp Chocolate Tablet G by Godiva £6.00 Godiva (Shop Now)

G by Godiva Single Origin 42% Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp Tablet features silky Mexican milk chocolate blended with smooth hazelnut butter and crunchy chopped hazelnuts and crispy rice, resulting in a thrilling combination of smooth and crunchy textures that delights the senses.

Blond Chocolate Salted Caramel Tablet G by Godiva £6.00 Godiva (Shop Now)

Created by Godiva's Chef Chocolatiers in an act of pure culinary alchemy, our indulgent blond chocolate is crafted from a blend of white and milk chocolate that is infused with crystals of buttery salted caramel. Crunchy, sweet and velvety, it's sure to become a ' new classic'.

Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut Tablet G by Godiva £6.00 Godiva (Shop Now)

Flakes of slowly toasted coconut take our robust 68% single origin Dark chocolate to enticing new places. This sweet, caramelised nuttiness is the perfect companion to the chocolate's notes of ripe plums, blueberries and aromatic spices. The delicate coconut flakes add a beautiful sense of lightness to the dark chocolate's rich and bold flavour profile.
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