Phototaxis Fine Jewellery Collection

Phototaxis is the latest fine jewellery collection designed by Dominic Jones for Astley Clarke.

The Phototaxis fine jewellery collection takes inspiration from British moths and their movement in response to light. Capturing subversive romance and sensitivity to Art Nouveau design, this collection tones coloured diamonds with mixed fine metals to create striking, modern pieces.

Tiger Moth Choker £12,000.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

This spectacular Phototaxis choker necklace embodies seven wood tiger moth. The 14 carat rose gold wings are luxuriously striped by black diamonds. Black rhodium plates the connecting bars and is also used as an accent to enhance the black diamond pave. This necklace has a clasp fastening and adjustable chain that is finished by the signature Astley Clarke star-set diamond tag.

Death's-Head Hawk Moth Choker £5,950.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

This Phototaxis choker portrays the iconic death's-head moth and is a show-stopping jewellery piece. Its pave mosaic of white and grey diamonds set in 14 carat rose gold creates a colour-comparative image of its romantic wing design. The signature skull emblem can also be spotted on the body of the pendant, making it even more captivating.

Speckled Magpie Moth Bar Drop Earrings £4,950.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

14 carat rose gold motifs of the speckled magpie moth are suspended by black rhodium plated bars and its unusual wing pattern is illustrated by a pave of black, red and white diamonds. These striking earrings are fastened by moonstone studs and give the illusion of moths in flight as they are charmed by the moonlight.

Emperor Moth Ring £4,500.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

This statement cocktail ring is part of the Phototaxis collection and is inspired by the movement of emperor moth when it is attracted to light. Lines of yellow glass enamelling and an intricate pave of black, grey and yellow diamonds recreate its iconic wing pattern in 14 carat yellow gold. Rutilated ‘angel hair’ quartz forms a light-catching body for the gracefully balancing moth wings.

Scarlet Tiger Moth Pendant £1,750.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

The scarlet tiger moth has an exotic appearance that has inspired this 14 carat rose gold Phototaxis necklace. Black diamonds adorn the wings of the pendant and are set in black rhodium plating for added intensity and realism. Traditional glass enamelling has been used to illustrate the bold red pattern found on the moth hindwings and it can be seen to glow when held in the light.

Cinnabar Papillon Bracelet £450.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

This luxurious 14 carat white gold bracelet features a light grey diamond papillon de nuit and is part of the Phototaxis fine jewellery collection. The movement of the papillon as it flitters about in British meadows inspires the light-catching, pave set diamonds of this bracelet. A sliding ball fixture allows for an adjustable fit and this bracelet is finished by our signature star-set diamond tag.

Sea Bamboo Moth Kula Bracelet £90.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

This 18 carat yellow gold vermeil Kula bracelet comprises of red sea bamboo stones that are round, smooth and striking in colour. As a contemporary interpretation of the fine Phototaxis collection, this adjustable bracelet also features an unusual moth charm and is finished by the signature Astley Clarke star-set cultured white sapphire tag and nugget fastening.

Moth Biography Pendant £60.00 Astley Clarke (Shop Now)

Featuring an eye-catching moth pendant, this modern 18 carat rose gold vermeil necklace is part of the contemporary Biography collection and is a luxurious everyday jewellery piece. A clasp fastening allows this pendant necklace to be worn at variable lengths and the Astley Clarke star-set cultured white sapphire tag finishes its elegant adjustable chain 
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