Christian Louboutin Parfum

A woman is not exactly just one person. Who is she?

Women’s changing moods and identities is the inspiration behind Christian Louboutin’s three distinct parfum personalities, allowing women to play with their femininity and be empowered in their expression.  

Imagined to celebrate woman and her desires, the Christian Louboutin parfums each have their unique personality yet are united by Christian’s vision behind construction, meant to be experienced like a piano note. First a burst of scent - the present moment, followed by a beautiful resonance - le sillage, its memory

Christian Louboutin Bikini Questa Sera Parfum £110.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

Bikini Questa Sera takes the heat into the night the scent of the sun which becomes the scent of the woman as day turns into night. Jasmine and tuberose, opalescent against the skin.

Christian Louboutin Tornade Blonde Parfum £110.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

Tornade Blonde, the scent of love and adventure, expressed by a red rose lying on a bed of sweet violet and cassis. Feminine, potent, animalistic, yet floral. An invitation to follow, the scent of desire.

Christian Louboutin Trouble In Heaven Parfum £110.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

Trouble in Heaven lights the fire - a second skin of perfect iris, patchouli and tonka absolut, resonating with the dry heat of oriental amber. Sensual, it is for the woman who is at ease with her provocation. The fragrance sophistication resonates in the royal purple and gold ombré, recalling the palette of French Art Nouveau glass artist Emile Gallé.
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