Dr Barbara Sturm at SpaceNK

Youthful, healthy, beautiful skin without surgery - that’s what German doctor Barbara Sturm is known for. Dr. Sturm’s approach involves minimally-invasive therapies, cosmetic spa treatments that develop effects in deeper skin layers to activate anti-aging processes and an uncomplicated but powerful skincare regime for everyday use.

Try these five bathroom cabinet favourites to hydrate and lift your skin.

Dr Barbara Sturm Eye Cream £105.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Nourish and nurture the delicate orbital skin around the eyes with Dr Sturm Eye Cream, a high-quality product suitable for all skin types. This innovative eye cream is hydrating and regenerative, formulated with dynamic ingredients to soothe the skin. Active ingredients include sugar beet, omega fatty acids and golden root, utilised to reduce puffiness. Antioxidants in the eye cream include purslane, which is included to protect sensitive skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum £230.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Intense skin hydration is achievable with Dr Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, a moisturiser that protects the skin against wrinkles, leaving it looking smoother and firmer. A serum designed to combat undernourished, dry skin and the onset of cosmetic signs of ageing, its formulation utilises short chain hyaluronic molecules to penetrate deep into the skin while long chain hyaluronic molecules work on upper layers. Dehydration contributes to the formulation of wrinkles, while the everyday effects of air conditioning, central heating and pollution all leave the skin in need of a moisture boost. This intensive moisturiser can be used daily to ameliorate everyday wear and as a treatment after exposure to sun or wind. Filled with active ingredients, Dr Sturm Hyaluronic Serum refreshes and revitalises the skin.

Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream £132.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Boost the natural radiance of the skin with Dr Sturm Face Cream Women, a moisturiser that boosts hydration for up to 24 hours and helps to promote the appearance of firmer and younger looking skin. Paraben and oil-free, the moisturiser utilises active ingredients such as purslane, a botanical known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. This is a protective ingredient that works to prevent ageing in skin cells, helping to keep the ageing process at bay for a little while longer.

Dr Barbara Sturm Cleanser £40.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Show the world how beautiful skin can be with Dr Sturm Cleanser, a cleansing skincare solution with active ingredients such as panthenol and aloe vera that work to produce a soft foam that is gentle on the skin. Effective cleansing is essential to ensure other skincare products can be absorbed properly. The natural moisture of the skin is not altered by this deep but delicate cleanser, which has been formulated with natural ingredients such as urea that has been utilised for its regenerative properties which encourage the epidermis to renew itself. The calming influence of the cleanser helps sensitive skin, while repeated use works to give the skin a more refined, silky smooth texture.

Dr Barbara Sturm Facial Scrub £45.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Reveal smoother skin with Dr Sturm Facial Scrub, an exfoliator that helps remove dry and flaky skin while boosting skin regeneration. Boosting cell renewal with active ingredients such as horse chestnut, the scrub reduces fine lines and helps stimulate circulation. Dr Sturm Facial Scrub works to simultaneously calm and nourish the skin with moisturisers produced with silk extracts that encourage a smoother surface. Panthenol and vitamin A are used to help the skin recover and restore after the removal of dead skin cells during exfoliation.
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