Trad with a Twist Christmas Dinner

A classic Christmas as you've never experienced it before with a succulent British beef rib taking centre stage, alongside an innovative white chocolate wreath.

Sometimes we all need a little change so why not enjoy this British beef rib with porcini mushroom & truffle butter as centre stage, rich, moist offset with creamy potato dauphinoise.

You just need to click , order and then organise to collect from your local store.

The Collection Beetroot & Vodka Speybay Oak-Smoked Salmon (Serves 8) £20.00 M&S (ShopNow)

From a small smokehouse, established in 1913 on the shores of Speybay in Scotland, this twice-smoked Scottish Lochmuir™ salmon is marinated with beetroot, vodka and lemon juice for a distinctive appearance and flavour. Minimum 16 slices.

British Beef Rib with Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Butter (Serves 6) from £39.20 - £50.40 M&S (Shop Now)

Tender, juicy beef rib stuffed with a rich porcini mushroom, truffle and roast garlic butter, hand-tied and lightly dusted with cracked black pepper.

Potato Dauphinoise (Serves 6) £8.00 M&S (Shop Now)

The classic accompaniment: slices of potatoes, layered with a creamy garlic sauce and topped with cheese.

The Collection Posh Beef Gravy (Serves 6) £4.00 M&S (Shop Now)

Robust, flavoursome gravy made with a rich roast beef stock.

Red Cabbage (Serves 8) £7.00 M&S (Shop Now)

Sweet red cabbage braised with Bramley apples, onions and redcurrant jelly – a festive favourite.

The Collection White Chocolate Snowball Wreath (Serves 10) £20.00 M&S (Shop Now)

Light, fluffy Belgian white chocolate mousse with a raspberry compote centre, sitting on a feuilletine base and topped with white and red lustred chocolate decorations.
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