Up All Night With 31 Dover

Because the night belongs to lovers: sip Italian sparkling Rosé, dine on delicious cuisine and finish the evening with cold-pressed coffee liqueur digestif.

The perfect way to spend the night with loved ones a blend of two amazing drinks…….

Bottega Il Vino DeiPoeti Brut Rosé is dry, fresh, full of floral and fruity flavours and an excellent alternative to Rosé Champagne: an excellent start to any evening. For the perfect finish, sip on Mr Black's coffee liqueur with hints of toffee and marmalade, the rich, caramel flavours will leave you unable to resist just one more sip...

Up All Night £49.95 31 Dover (Shop Now)

Who needs sleep anyway?

Bottega Il Vino Dei Poeti Brut Rosé- Grapes are hand-picked from two wineries in order to create this balanced sparkling Rosé, bursting with the flavours from Pinot Noir and Raboso grapes. It undergoes fermentation twice, firstly with white grapes and skins for a minimum of 12 hours and secondly in a at a controlled temperature of between 14°-15°CScents of apple, berries, raspberries and blackcurrant glide from the glass. It tastes very like a fine Rosé Champagne - dry, fresh and full of floral and fruity flavours.

Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur - This is a modern coffee liqueur for the ‘cold-pressed’ crowd. A great coffee starts with great beans and it’s no different for this liqueur. The finest beans are sourced from Papue New Guinea, Ethiopia and Brazil and roasted to an exact specification to ensure the rich flavour and caramelisation. These beans are then cold-pressed to give a less acidic brew with a rounder mouthfeel. The process takes longer than ordinary and each batch must be much smaller so the difference in flavour profile is enormous. The final product is then combined with pure Australian Grain spirit to give this dark rich liqueur an amazing coffee flavour. Hints of toffee and marmalade are also present with a fine citrus edge to finish.They haven’t just concentrated on the liqueur though. The bottle itself is literally a work of art. Australian artist Dale Bigeni illustrated a striking owl design for the Mr Black bottle. Combined with the thick class bottom and harsh angles, this bottle really stands out on any bar. A newcomer to watch closely.
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