Christmas at Waitrose

Christmas is the time for eating from large blow out turkey meals, to dainty canapes, or copious amounts of nibbles & snacks to be served at the drop of a hat. So from turkeys, roasted  hams to Christmas puddings ready to pour on the brandy or fully iced Christmas cakes Waitrose will take the strain and stress out of entertaining .

All you need to take your pick from these mouth-watering treats add them to your basket and get them delivered …. All you need to do is plan your menu’s for the Christmas holidays and enjoy  the meals plus snacks and nibbles and of course a large slice of cake.

Bon appétit

Salmon with cranberry and clementine £16.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Roast beetroot, red onion & carrot tart tatin £8.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Heston from Waitrose Cracking Chocolate Bites £8.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

CanapĂ© Selection (Large) £30.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Continental Cheese Selection £22.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

British Beef Top Rump with Honey Mustard Basting Fat £13.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Fiona Cairns White Holly Fruit Cake 8" £35.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Christmas Dinner Pie £20.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Loin of Pork with sage and onion crackling crust £9.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Parsnip Rosti Stars £7.50 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Lamb Guard of Honour with Festive Fruit Stuffing​ £42.89each est.(£32.99/kg)Waitrose (Shop Now)

Snowman Golden Sponge Cake £20.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Turkey Crown with Pork, Gingerbread & Apricot Stuffing and a Sticky Maple Glaze £50.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Bucks Fizz Swirl £13.49 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Waitrose 1 dry cured unsmoked gammon £28.58each est.(£12.99/kg) Waitrose (Shop Now)

Tropical fruit platter £10.00 Waitrose (Shop Now)

Butternut squash, mushroom and brown rice stove top stuffing £4.99 Waitrose (Shop Now)

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