Christmas Puddings

Christmas puddings are the finishing touch to any festive meal; they add that traditional Christmas finale to your big turkey & trimmings meal. There is no need to spend weeks stirring and topping up your fruits ready to make a pudding you can now enjoy a luxury one made with the finest ingredients.

We have picked our favourites including an alcohol free one.

King George Christmas Pudding £44.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

The superb Fortnum's King George Christmas Pudding starts with the finest ingredients, including Turkish sultanas, Marcona almonds and pruneaux d’Agen. It contains real beef suet as well as Fortnum’s Cognac and Pusser’s Full-Strength Navy Rum. This excellent pudding is handmade from the first step to the last; from the buttering of the bowls to the construction of the box. It is this attention to detail that produces such an outstanding pudding.

Magnificent Christmas Pudding £39.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

A truly magnificent Christmas pudding, this divine chocolate creation is inspired by the Fortnums gorgeous King George pudding that has been elevated to a whole new delectable level. Infused with the essence of autumn orchards, the Magnificent Pudding features a batter that has been soaked with a generous helping of Armagnac, giving the pudding a truly rich and decadent flavour. We have also given this fabulous sponge creation a heart of Mayan gold - Manjari chocolate, blended with Winter Tarn butter, creating a silky, smooth sauce. The pudding is crowned with gold dusted apple rings for a spectacular finish.

Vintage Christmas Pudding  £22.99 Selfridges (Shop Now)

Indulge in the festive luxury of Selfridges Selection's vintage Christmas pudding. Finished with a signature yellow bow, this will make the perfect offering for a Christmas dinner party or as a stocking filler. It has a wonderful rich spiced scent and is made with ground almonds and apples to give a beautifully rich and moist mouthful and is infused with lashings of dark rum and stout.

Harrods Decadent Christmas Pudding £21.00 Harrods (Shop Now)

Deserving of centre stage this Christmas, this decadent Christmas pudding is nine months matured for Christmas day. Adding cognac and brandy-soaked cherries, luxury dried fruit and pecans to the Harrods original recipe, this scrumptious pudding will prove the perfect addition to any festive spread.

Traditional Christmas pudding £15.99 Selfridges (Shop Now)

The holiday season isn't complete without classic Christmas pudding and this Selfridges Selection traditional one is an excellent choice for enjoying after your Christmas meal. Makes a fantastic gift for fans of the quintessential festive British pudding.

Harrods Classic Christmas Pudding £15.00 Harrods (Shop Now)

Nine months matured in time for Christmas Day, this classic Christmas pudding is made to Harrods' time-honoured recipe. Richly fruited with sultanas, raisins and currants, studded with walnuts and almonds and infused with cider and brandy, it will make a truly marvellous centrepiece to finish the meal.

Sparkling Gin Christmas Pudding £13.99 Selfridges (Shop Now)

A sparkling twist on an age-old festive classic, Selfridges Selection revives the Christmas pudding with a dash of gin (or two). Inspired by the cocktail cabinet and all the tipples it hides behind the doors, this sweet treat is infused with plenty of gin and prosecco and topped with ripe golden cherries. The perfect indulgence to enjoy after your Christmas dinner, layer with brandy butter and revel in the deliciousness.

Harrods Alcohol Free Christmas Pudding  £8.00 Harrods (ShopNow)

This alcohol-free edition of Harrods' time-honoured Christmas pudding makes the ideal finishing touch to your meal. Nine months matured in time for Christmas Day, the pudding is richly fruited with sultanas, raisins and currants, studded with walnuts and almonds and infused with the aroma of the season. It will make a marvellous centrepiece at the table.
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