John Lewis Into the Woods Christmas Décor

Something magical is happening in the depths of a leafy forest. A crack has appeared in the trunk of the oldest, tallest oak tree in the woods, and glittering lights are bouncing around from within. It’s a fairy tale Christmas, and you’re invited to step inside.

The look

Into the Woods is truly spell-binding. Drawing on inspiration from the forest, the theme is decorated with an abundance of beautiful faux greenery and embellished woodland creatures.

The colour palette explores the versatility of green, from rich jewel tones to more earthy variations. Purple provides complementary accents of contrasting colour, and ranges from deep amethyst to delicate nearly pink flutters.

This fairytale theme has a playful side too, with an eclectic mix of original tree decorations like miniature greenhouses, mushrooms and tabby cats to let the imagination run free. A fairytale wouldn’t be complete without a frog prince, and our royal amphibian can happily perch above your fireplace or hop along the branches of your tree awaiting the mistletoe at midnight.

The decorations

Woodland creatures are elevated to mythical heights thanks to decadent embellishment that sees owls glitter in gold and dragonflies drift away on jewel-encrusted wings. Opulent touches like golden pinecones and glittery green baubles add that extra seasonal sprinkle of magic for a fairytale forest poised on the branches of your tree.

For a touch of the organic, our festive mossy hedgehog sits quietly in your chosen spot, with our mossy deer head hanger keeping quiet watch over your gifts.

John Lewis Into the Woods Mossy Deer Head Hanging Decoration £25.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

John Lewis Into the Woods Glitter Pine Cone Bauble £6.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

John Lewis Into the Woods Victoria Angel Tree Topper £12.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

John Lewis Into the Woods Terrarium Tree Decoration £7.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

The tree

The 7ft pre-lit Kensington tree twinkles with a subtle golden glow with soft fairy lights hiding among the branches, while the lush fir provides an undeniable woodland look.

John Lewis Kensington Pre-Lit Christmas Tree £250.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

John Lewis Into the Woods Premium Pine Wreath £45.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

John Lewis Into the Woods Wicker Tree Skirt £35.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

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