Collagen Collection Limited Edition Beauty-Fit Collection

Collagen is found in your skin, hair nails, bones and connective tissues. It strengthens firms and gives structure to skin and prevents sagging. Our body makes its own collagen using proteins and Vitamin C from the diet.

From the age of 20 we lose 1% collagen production every year, which is why skin gets less firm and starts to wrinkle and sag. By taking a high quality supplement every day, we can reduce the aging effect of collagen loss, keeping your skin and bones healthy and youthful as you age.

Protein World has made a complete set which makes taking this supplement really easy.

Collagen Collection £77.99 Protein World (Shop Now)

When taken together this collection will provide a huge dose of the skin perfecting marine collagen, known to be the best absorbed collagen, for impressive results. We also looked at other nutrients vital for skin renewal and hydration such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Silica and added these ingredients across the collection, to ensure that when you take this collection you can really see and feel the results.
During the day add our collagen beauty powder to water, for a delicious, hydrating beauty boost. The night capsules are taken before bed to provide a high dose of collagen for when your skin performs its repair and renewal process, while you sleep. Wake up to beautiful skin!

600g Slender Blend Collagen

300g Beauty Blend Collagen

90 Caps Collagen
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