Firebox's Fun Mother's Day Gifts

If your mum has a wicked sense of humor then these fun gifts from Firebox are sure to crack her up.

Not your average Mother's Day gifts these cheeky gifts aren't what you expect but are the most perfect gift you could find for some lucky mum's out there.

These are our top picks that we wouldn't mind ourselves ....

Never Ending Mother's Day Card £11.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

As soon as the button is pressed, this remorseless card emits the sound of a baby wailing for hours on end. When your mum tries to hit the button again to stop the music – the crying just gets louder and louder.
And when she finally loses it and starts ripping open the card, she'll be treated to a lap-full of glitter. Happy. Mother's. Day.

Thanks For Putting Up With My Sh*t Chocolate £7.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

Not only does it spell out something you should have said long ago, but the chocolate itself is pink, shimmery and tastes like strawberries and cream!

Spreadable Gin £9.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

All of the alcohol is cooked off during the creation process so this heavenly ginjection won't give you a furious hangover!

Giant Prosecco Flute £12.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

This revolutionary drinking vessel retains the usual fancy flute physique but holds an entire bottle of the good stuff. Just make sure you drink it down before it goes warm and flat!

Happy F*cking Whatever Prosecco £24.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

Personalise this bottle of Prosecco with your own f*cking message for you mum.

Personalised Hidden Message Cushion £29.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

You can add up to 5 lines of text – 3 characters on the first line, and up to 14 on the others, AND you can also use emojis! 🙌 . Your message will be embellished by a pair of charming flower designs – so it looks all kitsch and homely no matter what filth you've written.

Cheeky Oven Mitts £12.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

Screen-printed with timeless, retro-style illustrations, they're available in two varieties:
This Is F*cking Delicious – of course it's f*cking delicious - you f*cking made it

I've Got A Knife – is it a threat? A simple fact? Only you know

Guzzle Buddy £24.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

This sipping sensation turns your wine bottle into your wine glass – just screw it into the top and start quaffing.
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