Astier De Villatte

Based out of an antique Bastille workshop that used to belong to Napoleon’s personal silversmith, Astier de Villatte is an utterly unique and unmistakably French homeware brand.

Taking inspiration from sources as peculiar as the Paris Commune and the milky ceramics of the early 19th century, the brand creates homeware that has become much-loved in its native Paris and around the world.

Special attention should be paid to its exquisitely evocative scented candles, which can take you back centuries or just soak up the rich scent of the washing up liquids.

Commune de Paris Eau de Cologne 150ml £115.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

This eau de cologne by Astier de Villatte was designed for Commune de Paris, echoing the brand’s rebellious and subversive attitude. Try this eau de cologne by Astier de Villatte to enhance your morning ablutions. The scent’s initial shower of Sicilian lemons, rosemary and bergamot appears straightforward and celebratory. However, it hides a secret bower of powdery labdanum, benzoin, cedar wood and patchouli, with a mysterious sweetness that bewitches the senses. These perfectly balanced components are combined with the two first ever human-made synthetic molecules – coumarin, that smells like cut grass, and almond-like benzalehide.

Hollywood Ceramic Candle £85.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

The Astier de Villatte Hollywood candle is a mythical fragrance which rises over Sunset Boulevard: a delicate dusting of iris and patchouli leads us down the yellow brick road of Hollywood studios, blending with the sunny cedarwood, eucalyptus and vetiver scents of Southern California’s luxuriant vegetation.

Cat Candle Topper £80.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

Give your Astier de Villate candle an individual finish with this Cat Candle Topper. Ideal for a cat lover, it's designed to sit beautifully on top of any scented candle in the collection; why not accompany this charming topper with a scented candle to match your friend or loved one's favourite city for a charming personalised gift?

Grand Chalet Eau de Cologne 50ml £75.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

Astier de Villatte’s Grand Chalet eau de cologne is strange and compelling, a fitting tribute to the artist Balthus. Try this eau de cologne by Astier de Villatte to enhance your morning ablutions. The scent of linden tree towers over redolent notes of honey and milk, the latter’s sweetness encroached upon by the linden’s ancient, grasping roots. Inspired by Balthus’ grand chalet, positioned high up in the Swiss Alps, the fragrance is finished by a trail of blond wood and vanilla.

Peggy Incense Holder £65.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

The Peggy incense holder from Astier de Villatte combines elegant design with rich, smoky home fragrance. It is shaped into an elevated bowl, catching the ash as it falls from the central stick-holder. Featuring a multifaceted petal-like form, it is crafted from black terracotta clay with a white glaze from the Parisian region. Each incense holder is made by hand in France, with minute variations to ensure each is a one of a kind. An ideal gift for home scent-lovers.

Marseille Scented Candle 260g £60.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

Astier de Villatte’s Marseilles scented candle is an evocative, sinuous delight – the ideal companion for a much-needed moment of calm. This scented candle sumptuously captures in a snapshot the experience of strolling through Marseilles. The aroma of fragrant plants swaying in the baking hot sun is intoxicating, as rosemary, lemon, lavender and clover combine in a heady melange. The final flourish of freshness encapsulates the breeze that hits you as you gaze over the city’s streets from the heights of the Calanques – place this candle on a sideboard or mantel to fill your home with welcoming scent.

Villa Medici Incense Sticks £35.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

Astier de Villatte incense sticks evoke a distinct and alluring character of a different destination around the world - an effective way to imbue spaces with a lingering scent. Villa Medici: Along the length of the artists’ workshops, with their large windows opening over the rooftops of Rome, run the majestic gardens of the Villa. A centre for encounters and for meditation, the residents delight in the subtle fragrances of lemon tree leaves, lavender and oregano flowers. The air thrills with the woody aroma of the tall cedars nearby, and the inexpressible fragrance of the ancient stones in the heat of the sun.

Bergamot Washing Up Liquid 500ml £16.95 Liberty (Shop Now)

Treat your kitchen sink to this delightfully fragrant washing up liquid from Astier de Villatte. Washing up becomes less of a chore with the help of this tastefully tonic scent. It features the aromatic, lightly citrusy scent of bergamot, for a fresh and cleansing experience. The perfect way to introduce extra freshness into your kitchen.

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