LIXIRSKIN is the brainchild of Colette Haydon, a doctor in dermo-pharmacy who’s likely formulated several of the skincare heroes that grace your bathroom cabinet today.

Having worked on a catalogue of bestselling products brought to you by leading beauty brands, Colette now turns her expertise towards her own innovative range of skincare.

Geared towards today’s all-too-familiar urban multitasker, this ready-made regime of potent formulas is designed to deeply purify, refresh and protect - making every day skincare effortless- these fabulous four products are a must buy as they make skin care very easy from night to day.

LIXIRSKIN Electrogel Cleanser £25.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

Set to become your next - and healthiest ever - addiction, Electrogel Cleanser from LIXIRSKIN is a multi-purpose evening cleanser and detoxifying mask packed into one beautiful blush pink tube.
Formulated with negatively charged electrogel to eliminate the positively charged toxins which contribute to problem skin, this lightweight cleanser dissolves makeup and delivers a daily detox. Penetrating deep into the pores to lift away pollutants, use it on your face, neck and décolleté each night for a noticeably cleaner complexion that glows from within. Use it alongside its partners in crime, Universal Emulsion and Vitamin C Paste for an unbeatable skincare routine.

LIXIRSKIN Universal Emulsion £45.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

Bound to become the crowning glory of your daily beauty routine, Universal Emulsion from LIXIRSKIN is a day moisturiser, night cream and priming serum all packed into one beautiful blush pink tube. Use it on your face, eye contour, lips, décolleté, arms and hands both day and night for lightweight-yet-intensive hydration. Infused with natural SPF 10 sun protection, this light, gel-like cream shields the skin from UV and pollution while driving in molecular water and enhancing the skin's ability to retain it, leaving a comfortably dewy, velvet-smooth, firm and youthful complexion

LIXIRSKIN Vitamin C Paste £32.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

Designed to deliver the ultimate wake-up call, LIXIRSKIN's Vitamin C Paste is a transformative neutralising and reviving face wash formulated with L Absorbic Acid 10%. The wonder-molecule with the most powerful antioxidant properties in the game, hyper-active vitamin C has a magical effect on the skin when used regularly. Its acid form, L Absorbic Acid 10%, smoothes on to scavenge pollutants, and rinses off to reveal an instantly vibrant, smoothed and luminous complexion that gradually grows brighter, more even-toned and lifted.

LIXIRSKIN Night Switch Retinol 1% Serum £28.00 Liberty (Shop Now)

The key to truly effective beauty sleep, LIXIRSKIN's Night Switch Retinol 1% is one of a trio of specifically targeted sleep repair solutions. Designed to perfectly prep your skin for its switch to repair mode each night, this concentrated trio should be used separately, and swapped around each month to address each skin complaint, one at a time. Retinol 1% is the only anti-angeing molecule - it regulates the skin's metabolism to refine texture, control problem skin and actively reverse sun damage. It also boosts protein production, leaving the complexion softer, smoother, clearer and more refined after one week. Wrinkles, be gone!

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