Emile Henry Bakeware

This amazing French family business has been manufacturing bakeware in Marcigny Burgundy since 1850, now the sixth generation has taken over the business.

So add some French flavour to your cooking from making the perfect baguettes to crisping your pizza to perfection or just slowly cooking your roast, savouring the flavours.

Amara have a superb selection of this French classic bakeware

Oval Stewpot £140.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Transform your cooking with this oval stew pot from Emile Henry. Perfect for cooking stews for the whole family, the high resistant ceramic pot features a lid which retains condensation preventing ingredients from becoming dry and when used with a low heat, is ideal for simmering meats for a slow, even cook. This versatile pot can be used on all hob types, providing an induction disk is used on induction hobs and is freezer, oven and dishwasher safe. A great addition to the kitchen or gift idea for any occasion.

Bread Cloche £139.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Transform bread baking with this stylish bread cloche from Emile Henry. To ensure your bread reaches the required levels of humidity whilst cooking, the clever design hosts a rounded shape which is identical to that of a traditional bread oven. Made from ceramic, this kitchen accessory is adorned with two handles making it perfect to transport and serve your bread, the unique design results in crusty loaves with a light and airy interior. A must have for any baking enthusiast.

Braiser £108.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Simplify your cooking with this braiser dish from Emile Henry. Ideal for cooking delicious meals for the whole family, this braiser dish is made from high resistant ceramic that diffuses the heat evenly to ensure thorough cooking whilst retaining nutrients. Perfect for creating sauces or browning meat, this dish is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe and is freezer proof to keep the left overs. The two handles allow for easy transportation with a lid to retain heat when presenting. A great addition to any kitchen.

Tagine £73.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Prepare elegant dishes with this Tagine from Emile Henry. Able to be used directly over electric, halogen and gas heat sources, and with induction disks for induction hobs, its unique shape allows steam to circulate inside and create succulent, moist ingredients. Its Flame Ceramic material has been designed to produce the ideal slow simmer, meaning indulgent tagines, stews and other simmering recipes can be made. Coloured in a chic blue and available in two sizes it makes a wonderful addition to any cookware collection.

Baguettes Mould £95.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Create crispy baguettes in ease with this baguette mould from Emile Henry. This stunning ceramic mould features three holes to place your dough and a clever lid ensuring the humidity remains at the correct temperature for a perfect bake. Holes in the lid allow carbon dioxide to escape whilst cooking, forming a crispy crust, iconic of the French baguette. Finished with Emile Henry logo and the word ‘baguettes’ engraved on the lid, this is the perfect kitchen accessory.

Potato Pot £83.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Transform your everyday cooking with this indulgent Potato Pot from Emile Henry. This luxurious pot is designed for cooking vegetables in an oven or slow simmering on stove tops for the perfect finish. Simply fill the pot with a stack of vegetables and place in the oven or on a hob, using the handles, easily turn the pot upside down every 15 minutes to ensure an even heat diffusion. Made from stunning ceramic, this pot makes a fabulous gift idea for a new home owner and results in delicious soft vegetables with a golden crust, without the use of fat or liquid.

Bread Loaf Baker £73.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Create the perfect loaf of bread with this Bread Loaf Baker from Emile Henry. Made from luxurious ceramic in France, this stunning baker has refractory ceramic and domed lid to ensure the right level of humidity is reached, an easy solution to creating home baked breads. With holes in the base and lid to help the dough rise, creating a dry, crispy crust and a ridged bottom to prevent any dough from sticking, this is a fabulous gift idea for the budding baker or addition to your own home.

Pizza Stone £63.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Enjoy your favourite pizza cooked to perfection with this stunning Pizza Stone from Emile Henry. In a bold red colour, this pizza stone is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your kitchen and dining room. Made from luxurious ceramic in France, this stone features ridges allowing air to flow for a crispy finish and high edges to prevent your pizza from slipping off. Designed to cook evenly as a traditional pizza oven does, simply transport your pizza from the oven to the dining table, the ceramic keeps the slices warm as you eat.

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