Graven Contemporary Designer Cushions

Graven founder Janice Kirkpatrick OBE celebrates Britain's unique heritage in this debut collection of animal patterned designer cushions - made in Scotland exclusively for Houseology.

Based on observational hand drawings and deeply rooted in tradition, this limited edition designer cushion collection celebrates national animal symbols of stately beauty and British heritage.

Graven British Heirlooms White Park Bull Cushion £115.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Created by Glasgow design studio Graven , this limited edition Scottish designer cushion is inspired by the national symbolism of rare British animals. Exclusive to Houseology with a strong graphic design, the cushion depicts a contemporary pattern of English White Park cattle and geometric floral decorations. This designer cushion also features the memorable deep red geometry of the Woad flower that has been used since 1000BC as a valuable source of natural blue dye.

Graven Byke Cushion 60x60cm from £110.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Invite the beauty of nature indoors with the Graven Byke Cushion 60x60cm. This exclusive limited edition designer cushion originates from observational drawings of plants and insects found around Graven founder Janice Kirkpatrick's Ayrshire farm home. Fascinated by the beauty of 'ordinary' Scottish plants and wildlife, the cushion pattern celebrates popular 'pests' of nature, namely wasps and 'bykes' - the Scots word for a wasp nest.
Highly graphical botanicals beautifully depict the textured swaying fronds of the Male Fern, the evergreen flags of Hart's Tongue and tangle of Creeping Buttercup seedheads - a common weed that conjures childhood memories of reflecting the Buttercup's yellow glow on the underside of our chins. Presented in a choice of colourways, Byke colour palettes have been uniquely curated to provide harmonious home decor accents and easy coordination with your existing interior surroundings.

Graven Stick Cushion 45x60cm White £105.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Designed by Graven Creative Director, Janice Kirkpatrick OBE, this rectangular boudoir cushion takes reference from observational sketches of the Scottish countryside. Presented in a choice of monochrome colourways, each contemporary cushion is made from pen sketches of sticks lying on glass found by Janice and her pet Turkey, Harry, after a particularly blustery storm in the home field of her Ayrshire farm home.
Highly detailed, the quality of the sketched lines and marks used in this drawing give this contemporary cushion an abstract quality making the cushion the perfect complement for furnishings with particularly large or particularly small scales. Reinterpreting natural debris which would normally be overlooked into an intriguing pattern, this designer cushion collection is exclusive to Houseology and is a guaranteed conversation piece which will remain stylish season after season.

Graven Sunday Clydesdale Cushion 45x60cm Orange £105.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

A celebration of traditional Scottish Clydesdale horse decorating traditions, this highly graphical depiction of a Clydesdale horse has been imaginatively designed by Janice Kirkpatrick, founder of Glasgow-based international design studio, Graven. Celebrating Scotland's tradition of Clydesdale harness decoration, this limited edition cushion preserves the unique local knowledge and Scottish traditions associated with Clydesdale Horse parades and shows. Dressed to impress, the commanding black Clydesdale Horse motif has been beautifully adorned with white and sand colourway decorations that create a fantastic geometric contrast.

Graven Whorl Cushion 45x60cm White £105.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Based on a pen and ink drawing, this limited edition cushion depicts the patterned coat of Joseph the black Clydesdale - pet horse of Graven co-founder and designer Janice Kirkpatrick. Brimming with abstract energy and life, the monochrome line decoration swirls to create an organic pattern repeat that can complement furniture of all sizes and colourways.

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