Skin Care Tools

To be honest gadgets is not the right word as some of these skin care tools are of beauty salon quality.

These tools are the most innovative skin care they use doctor's-office technology to exfoliate, smooth, plump and massage your skin. In my eyes I don’t see anything wrong with wrinkles but you might want to lessen them, reduce or soften them and give your skin condition and texture an overall better look. The other plus side of using these tools besides your skin looking better it will aide your skin creams, oils etc; to work better , it’s like giving your skin a full 360 work out and after care at home.

These are our favourites for home skin care

Iluminage Skin Smoothing Laser £450.00 Feelunique (Shop Now)

Iluminage present the Skin Smoothing Laser™, the first FDA-cleared laser that is safe enough to use in your own home. The gentle, yet powerful treatment delivers micro-pulses of controlled laser light deep below the skin's surface to target facial wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet. This break-through laser technology increases collagen production and boosts elasticity for smoother, youthful-looking skin.

The skin contact sensor ensures the tool is in full contact with skin before delivering the laser and the tone signals when the laser has finished. With a sleek, lightweight design, the tool features an ergonomic handle, on/off button and low and high power settings which can be altered as desired. Reinforces the skin's structure so you can experience professional results every time.

Tria Age-Defying Laser £450.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Try Tria Age-Defying Laser and be amazed by what modern technology can do for the appearance. A remarkable product that lets one do in their own home what used to be possible only in expensive salons, it can refresh and rejuvenate the whole face as if rolling back time. This remarkable device sends beams of light deep into the skin to stimulate natural healing processes, stimulating the development of fresh collagen and restructuring the skin from within. This treatment smooths out the skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Promoting natural exfoliation and evening out the distribution of pigment in the skin, Tria Age-Defying Laser helps to remove blotchy patches and leave the skin glowing.

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device £300.00 Feelunique (Shop Now)

Rediscover a younger, firmer-looking complexion with the NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device. Combining a facial toning device with a skin-prepping primer, the duo will contribute to a smoother, lifted and younger-looking complexion with regular use. Trinity Facial Toning Device is FDA-Cleared and clinically tested.

The Set Contains:
Trinity Facial Toning Device-An award-winning microcurrent treatment packed into an innovatively-designed device with interchangeable treatment attachments. Designed to combat visible signs of ageing, the device stimulates both the large surface areas and small contours of the face, creating similar results to a facelift, however the treatment is pain free and can take only 5 minutes. Microcurrent devices mimic the natural current of the body, which slows as we age. Going deeper than the surface, the device visibly tones the facial muscles, improving the contour, evening the appearance of skin tone and visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Safe and effective for all skin types, it leaves the complexion looking youthful and visibly supple.
Gel Primer (59ml)-Prepare for the NuFACE Trinity device with the Gel Primer. The lightweight formula allows for the device to glide across the skin easily, whilst ensuring maximum microcurrent conductivity for optimum results. Suitable for all skin types, the formula is water-based and extremely easy to remove.

Philips SC5370/10 VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device £199.00 Feelunique(Shop Now)

Experience a refreshing, revitalising cleanse with Philips SC5370/10 VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device, a rechargeable cleansing brush with interchangeable heads for specific results. Promoting radiant, healthy-looking skin, the waterproof cleansing tool provides a gentle, yet professional-level cleanse in the comfort of your own home, and is more effective than manual cleansing. Utilising DualMotion Technology for a deep cleanse, the brush head (with 17,000 ultra-fine, silky soft bristles) rotates back and forth, expertly dislodging dirt, makeup and dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, purified complexion. Programmed with two intensity settings, you can enjoy a tailored cleansing routine. Arriving with a choice of three heads for cleansing, massaging and refreshing the eyes, the device has been developed with intelligent head recognition; it instantly recognised which head has been fitted to ensure the correct customised cleansing programme is delivered.
Each interchangeable head provides a different sensation; the Revitalising Massage head (developed with Japanese massage experts) encourages circulation to promote natural radiance, whilst the Fresh Eyes attachment has a cool, ceramic coating and delivers 120 nano-vibrations per second for a gentle, comfortable massage on delicate skin around the eyes. Cleansing skin so effectively, it enhances the absorption of subsequent skincare products. Safe for use in the shower.

Talika Light Duo+ Anti-Ageing Program Treatment Using Light £199.00 Feelunique (Shop Now)

Combat common skin concerns with the Talika Light Duo+ Anti-Ageing Program Treatment; an intelligent, anti-ageing device that delivers three different light therapy treatments in one compact design. Inspired by aerospace research, the innovative tool utilises a unique combination of Light 590® Collagen Booster (orange) to improve elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Light 525® Skin Lightener (green) to diminish dark spots and pigmentation, and Light 630® Skin Soother (red) to reduce redness and inflammation.
With an ergonomic silhouette that fits perfectly in your hand, the Talika Light Duo+ features an optional ionotherapy and gentle vibration function for a more intense programme. Equipped with a timer that enables the device to start automatically upon contact with skin and stop once the treatment is finished. Powered by a rechargeable battery.

Iris Illuminating Eye Massager Magenta £119.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Revive tired eyes and minimise the signs of ageing with the help of Foreo Illuminating Eye Massager. This spectacular device comes with alternating T-sonic technology that works to efficiently massage the sensitive eye area and relieve fatigued skin. Through its gentle motion, it helps to carefully alleviate many signs of tiredness. The eyes look younger while the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, crow’s feet and under-eye puffiness slowly diminish. It has the additional benefit of helping to increase the absorption and effectiveness of favourite daily eye creams. Simply spread the eye cream evenly and apply the eye massager on the contour of the eye for 30 seconds before shifting to the next eye. Eyes will look fresh, revitalised and younger looking.

Talika Time Control £89.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles with Talika Time Control, an innovative anti-ageing cosmetic instrument that can stimulate cells and rejuvenate the delicate skin around eyes - the first area marked by the signs of ageing. Inspired by aerospace research, Time Control aims to tackle this. Featuring an innovative design and effective execution, it combines the emission of two wavelengths and an ionotherapy function to increase the effectiveness of creams and similar beauty products. Time Control relies on light therapy, including an orange beam to reduce lines and wrinkles, firm skin, and lift the eyelids, and red beam to soothe and reduce redness. The ionotherapy will increase skin permeability, making it more susceptible to the effects of beauty products.

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