Summer Legs & Feet

Get ready for summer and your holidays and freeing the legs & feet with smooth skin on your legs and feet.

Space NK has a great selection of goodies to pamper your legs and feet including an eponymous line of indulgent products for beautiful feet and perfectly pedicured nails created by London chiropodist Margaret Dabbs plus Legology made to deliver a high performance solution to heavy legs and cellulite. The deep-working formulas relieve the fluid retention that makes legs puffy, tired and congested and which contributes to cellulite.

Legology Exfo-Lite Daily Scrub For Legs £42.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

A high performance scrub that delivers superb skin-smoothing and body-contouring benefits, lightens and energises legs. This exfoliator is a potent mix of sea salt and diuretic Himalayan pink crystals with a shake of Amalfi lemon peel to lightly scent skin and uplift the senses.

Legology Sun-Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs £38.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Give legs that sun-touched look with the help of Legology Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs, a tinted cream that works to maximise the look of bare legs. This leg cream has been scented with Legology’s lemon signature fragrance, Capri Crush. Delivering subtle, wash-off colour, this tinted leg cream helps to contour legs and give them a lighter, more energised feeling without the use of hosiery. It also helps to boost confidence and give that finished look to bare legs. The same care should be used when applying Legology Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs as that used when foundation is applied. For best results, the product should be stroked over the legs in an upward motion beginning with the feet. Special care should be taken to ensure that both the backs of the legs and the knees are well blended.

Patchology  PoshPeel Pedi Cure Foot Treatment from £18.00 to £32.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

PoshPeel Pedi Cure Foot Treatment by patchology is a luxurious, incredibly effective foot peeling treatment that dissolves dead skin on your feet with a combination of powerful acids. It's formulated with the brand's Activating Essence, which contains an advanced AHA plus BHA botanical blend featuring glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric acids. These four potent ingredients work together to deeply exfoliate and soften the surface of your skin, speeding up cell turnover and encouraging dead skin to slough off. The PoshPeel treatments are progressive, so they work over a period of 3-7 days to get rid of dead skin and smooth the surface. Skin stays smoother and radiant longer. And PoshPeel leaves most pedicure polish intact.

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion £25.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Look for ways to go barefoot and show off those toes after using Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, a unisex skin moisturiser from the eponymous podiatrist’s line of premium skincare products. The creamy yet non-greasy balm intensely softens and smoothes aching, calloused skin and rejuvenates feet with a silky sheen. Emu oil, known for its healing properties, provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial protection and minimises the return of rough spots, while lemon myrtle oil delivers a light and refreshing scent.

Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File £24.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Say goodbye to dry, rough skin with the Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File, a unisex body tool designed by the award-winning podiatrist, who has opened foot clinics across the world. The compact, slim stainless-steel file features Compressed Crystal technology for safe and smooth dead skin removal. Its efficient application doesn't leave flaky or uneven spots. By filing away dehydrated, cracked and calloused skin, fresh, soft skin can develop, which improves comfort when walking and exercising. The easy to clean and reusable Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File comes with two self-adhesive replacement pads and is recommended for use once a week on all skin types.

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil £22.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Rehydrate and restore feet with Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil, a body moisturiser that bears the bespoke company's “Fabulous Feet” slogan. It is part of the eponymous podiatrist's health and beauty products dedicated to hand and foot care. Lemon myrtle and emu oils make up the core ingredients of this dry oil, which heals cracked, calloused and dry skin, as well as damaged nails.Applied through a spray pump, the non-greasy Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil soothes tired, achy feet and prevents future irritations. Results are instant, with a recommended routine of daily or twice a week use.

Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream £20.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Do away with chapped, dry and tired feet and make them feel wonderful again with Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream, a skin moisturiser featuring Dabbs' signature core ingredient, emu oil. The emu oil deeply penetrates and replenishes the skin, while providing anti-inflammatory protection against future irritations.Tea tree oil repairs and rejuvenates toenails and removes foot odour that occurs from exercise or long periods of wearing hosiery and shoes. Salicylic acid, combined with anti-bacterial and antifungal ingredients, combats skin and nail infections.Apply Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream daily or twice a week for skin that feels as great as they look.

Space NK Foot File £18.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Give feet an at-home pedicure treatment with a must-have tool for footcare, the Space NK Foot File. Made with ceramic pads which can be replaced when needed, this easy-to-use foot file is perfect for when feet need some care and attention. Made to rid feet of dry, hard skin and to file away any calluses safely and easily, the Space NK Foot File is a gift for tired feet everywhere. Designed to be used not just on the heel, but between the toes and the sole of the foot, the Space NK Foot File also has two grades of advanced silicon carbide ceramic pads, so that hard skin is removed first and then smoothed with the second grade for a soft finish.

Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum £12.00 Space NK (Shop Now)

Keep finger and toe nails in great condition with Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail Serum, a hand and foot moisturiser formulated for women and men. It is conveniently sized to fit in travel bags and comes with a pump applicator. Tea tree oil repairs damage caused from nail infections, and helps prevent them from re-occurring. Emu oil, a core anti-inflammatory ingredient in many Margaret Dabbs products, also treats damaged areas such as nails that need to be re-adhered and rehydrates so that nails and cuticles stay strong and polished.When used twice a day as part of a care regimen for hands and feet, Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail Serum will start to show results within three days.

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