Coffee Studio

Discover your inner barista with Royal Doulton Coffee Studio.

Whether you prefer a classic cappuccino, an energising shot of espresso or the rich taste of a slow brew coffee, this collection has been designed to meet your home brewing needs in contemporary styling just perfect for modern homes..

Taking inspiration from Royal Doulton’s heritage of its half-dipped salt glazed pieces, sophisticated rich, dark colourways and satin double dipped glazes replicate the coolest coffee bars and your favourite hangouts. Each speciality coffee brew is provided for with the ideal shaped vessel and design detail, so you can become a coffee aficionado in your own home. Enjoy a coffee with family and friends or just have me time - taking pleasure in the making of a slow brewing coffee, enjoying the aroma, then sitting back and savouring the flavour.

Coffee Studio Cappuccino Cup and Saucer £15.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

The Coffee Studio Cappuccino Cup & Saucer comes in a stylish folding carton coffee-style bag with bull dog clip fastener. Bring barista style coffee into your home with this stylish cup and saucer, featuring a dipped glaze design in a contemporary colour palette. The rounded cup shape helps to mix the warm frothed milk with the freshly brewed espresso. Warming your cup before brewing helps keep the espresso warm and in good taste balance.

Coffee Studio Mug Grande £12.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

Bring the aroma and taste of your favourite coffee hangout to your home with the Coffee Studio Grey Mug - Grande. Featuring a contemporary dipped grey glaze, this item comes in a stylish folded bad finished with a bull dog clip for a great gift. Perfect for your nice big freshly brewed coffee. Works great as a slow pour coffee, filter or french press.

Coffee Studio Esspresso Cup and Saucer (Set of 4) £45.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

The Coffee Studio Mixed Espresso Cup & Saucer ( Set of 4) features sophisticated, rich colourways in a dipped glaze finish. Stylish and contemporary, each cup is ready for a shot of your favourite rich roast. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend to bring barista coffee into the home.

Coffee Studio Travel Mug £25.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

Ideal for both warm and cold coffees like Caffe Latte or other iced coffees, the Coffee Studio Travel Mug 350ml is the perfect partner for when you're out and about. A dippzed grey glaze is a stylish finishing touch to the contemporary design.

Coffee Studio Coffee Jug and Dripper Set £45.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

The Coffee Studio Pour Over Jug & Dripper Set is the item you need in your kitchen to transform yourself into a barista. It comes in a stylish box and features a dipped glaze design in a contemporary colour palette. Grind the coffee fresh. This gives you much more flavour in the cup, due to the fact that when you grind coffee it loses flavour much faster than whole coffee beans. This product comes with a pack of 10 x coffee filters (size 02).

Coffee Studio Side Plates 16cm (Set of 4) £35.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

Perfect for a slice of your favourite brownie or lemon drizzle cake, the Coffee Studio Mixed Plates 16cm (Set of 4) are a great accompaniment to the Coffee Studio mugs. Rich, sophisticated colourways are balanced by the contemporary dipped glaze finish.

Coffee Studio French Press £48.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

Become a barista in your own kitchen with the Coffee Studio French Press and fill your home with your favourite coffee bean aroma. This design is packaged in a stylish folded carton bag complete with instructions. A dipped grey glaze is the perfect colour palette to fit in any home. An easy and great way to make good coffee. It is important to use the right amount of coffee to the amount of water and to drink it quickly after brewing so it does not keep extracting flavours from the grounded coffee.

Coffee Studio Storage Jar £25.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

The Coffee Studio Storage Jar is a stylish and contemporary piece to store your favourite coffee beans to fill your home with the aroma of your local coffee shop. Finished in a stylish dipped glaze design, this jar will look great in any kitchen. It is important to keep the coffee as airtight as possible after opening. Ideally seal in its original pouch with the Royal Doulton bulldog clip provided and then store in an airtight container.

Coffee Studio Sugar and Milk Set £30.00 Royal Doulton (Shop Now)

The Coffee Studio Sugar & Milk Set comes in a stylish folding carton coffee-style bag with bull dog clip fastener. Bring barista style coffee into your home with this stylish duo, featuring a dipped glaze design in a contemporary colour palette.

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