Emma Bridgewater Vegetable Garden

How green does your garden grow? Glossy chillies, plump tomatoes, gleaming peppers and bulbous artichokes tended in the greenhouse and allotment are now ripe for the picking…..

Serve all your seasonal vegetables and summer salads on this striking array of tableware from small dishes which are perfect for holding delicious fresh tomatoes to platters decorated with artichokes which will show case your colourful salads.

Vegetable Garden Chillies Small Old Bowl £17.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

A spicy guacamole is destined for this Vegetable Garden Red Chillies Small Old Bowl, decorated with glossy red chilli peppers. Strike up the salsa music - Olé!

Vegetable Garden Small Melamine Tray £5.00 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

All that seedling raising and plant tending is thirsty work - bring mum and dad tea and biscuits on our Vegetable Garden Small Melamine Tray .

Vegetable Garden Melamine Plate £9.00 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

A set of these Vegetable Garden Melamine Plates makes a nice change as a present for an avid gardening fan instead of yet another trowel.

Vegetable Garden Tomato 10 1/2 Plate £19.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

Glorious clusters of tomatoes, bursting with colour and flavour, adorn this 10 1/2" plate - just whats needed for a summer supper with friends outside in the garden.

Vegetable Garden Tomato Large Dish £89.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

With names such as Brandywine, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter and Cherokee Purple, you may never want to call a tomato a tomato again. Fill this bowl with your favourite variety.

Vegetable Garden Tomato 8 1/2 Plate £17.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

Match this with the Tomato 10 1/2 Plate or be bold and choose the Artichoke 8 1/2" Plate instead, and marvel at having the colourful joy of your very own vegetable garden but without any of the maintenance.

Vegetable Garden Artichoke Medium Platter £54.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

Serving up hearty-looking globe artichokes requires an accommodating platter such as this. Eating them is, by contrast, is a rather dainty affair which involves plucking away silky leaves to dip into mustardy vinaigrette in order to reach the delicious heart.

Vegetable Garden Set of 3 Storage boxes £36.00 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

You've done a great job in keeping the slugs off the lettuce you're growing and well done on a bumper crop of toms! Keep that fresh produce nice and fresh with our Vegetable Garden Set of 3 Storage Boxes.
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