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Michelle Feeney, founder, Floral Street  I have taken my thirty years of experience working with cult global beauty brands and poured it into Floral Street, a dynamic fragrance brand with a mission to bring scent connoisseurship to a wide and curious audience.”

The melting pot of British culture and style formed the axis for a collection of contemporary fragrances, powered by flowers. These are no ordinary florals. Floral Street is about breaking with tradition. It’s about bunches, not bouquets; ingredients, not notes. It’s about ease, modernity and joy.

Enjoy the heady choice of floral bouquets

Floral Street Black Lotus Eau de Parfum £22.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Single-handedly redefining the notion of floral fragrance: Black Lotus is the classic English-Rose dressed in a black leather jacket.
Intoxicating, spirited, bohemian and alive. Complex and multi-faceted, the sweet honeyed scent of centifolia rose adds depth to lighter, spicy nuances by way of red peppercorn and saffron.
Once smelt, forever adored.
Ingredients: Black Cherry, Red peppercorn, Saffron, Centifolia Rose, Black Violet Accord, Narcotic Musk Flower Patchouli Fraction, Labdanum, Black Leather.
The hero flowers: Centifolia Rose, Narcotic Musk Flower, Patchouli.

Floral Street Wonderland Peony Eau de Parfum £20.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

We don't like to play favourites, but we have a thing for peonies.
And this sweet floral is stuffed full of them. Armfuls of peonies, pink berries and violets. A shot of cedarwood lends a woody-balsamic warmth while vetiver injects the tiniest hint of hazelnut.
Sophisticated, not soft. Captivating, not cute.
Ingredients: Sicilian Lemon, Pink Berries, Pink Guava, Violet, Peony Accord, Raspberry Flower, Vanilla Bean, Pink Cotton Candy, Cedarwood, Vetiver.

The hero flowers: Peony, Violet, Raspberry Flower.

Floral Street Ylang Ylang Espresso Eau de Parfum £20.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

For the rebels. The thinkers. And the leaders: a powerful fragrance with it's own electric current.
A strikingly modern blend of red rose, ylang ylang and jasmine cross paths with a soothing cloud of just-brewed coffee, fresh cream and sichuan pepper - sustainably harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas.
A fragrance to get lost in.
Ingredients: Tangerine, Sichuan Pepper, Fresh Rose, Jasmine, Tiramisu Accord, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Espresso Beans, Cocoa Beans, Guaicwood.

The hero flowers: Fresh Rose, Jasmine Petals, Ylang Ylang.

Floral Street Chypre Sublime Eau de Parfum £22.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Because we've never smelt a flower we didn't like, we've loaded almost all of them into this un-put-down-able blend.
Purified damask rose, violets, patchouli and geranium tap their feet. Olibanum, used to awaken the spirit in meditation, offers a resin-soaked wooden table for the flowers to perch on.
A fragrance for musicians, painters and poets.
Ingredients: Incense, Pink Pepper, Wild geranium, Damask Rose Absolute, Midnight Violet, Patchouli, Labdanum, Benzoin, Olibanum

The hero flowers: Damask Rose, Midnight Violet, Wild Geranium.

Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid Eau de Parfum £22.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

It's vanilla, but not as you know it.
A raw-edged confection of creamy vanilla beans, blossom, cassis, and citrus, dressed in a bunch of just-plucked jasmine. Offsetting the lingering sweetness; bamboo and sandalwood bend and fold underneath. Laid-back but exquisite.
White tulle and high tops in fragrance form.
The ingredients: Cassis, Lemon, Vanilla Blossom, Bamboo, Jasmine, Vanilla Beans, Sandalwood, Patchouli Fraction, Red Orchid.

The hero flowers: Jasmine Sambac, Vanilla Blossom, Red Orchid.

Floral Street Iris Goddess Eau de Parfum £22.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

There's nothing shy about these violets.
An explosion of powdery petals collide with ripe red fruits. Black vanilla, warm musks and earthy carrot seed bring exoticism and depth, sparkling lemon zest and red chilli pepper add a jolt of life.
Other-worldly and mystical. From the forest to the desert. An adventure in a bottle.
Ingredients: Lemon Zest, Chilli Pepper, Midnight Violet, Suede Accord, Tuscan Orris, Carrot Seed, Patchouli Fraction, Black Vanilla, Liquid Musks.

The hero flowers: Midnight Violet, Patchouli, Iris.

Floral Street Neon Rose Eau de Parfum £22.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Trust us, you've never smelt flowers like these.
Freshly-chopped jasmine draped around your neck. Roses around your wrist. And yet, no roses were harmed in the making of this showpiece - these buds were cooked up in our lab for extra punch. Crisp, green Angelica leaves bring a botanical dimension, while fresh Bergamot floats overhead.
Super-clean, super-floral.
Ingredients: Bergamot, Cassis Kir, Apple Blossom, Sichuan Pepper, Cyclamen, Juniper Berry, Jasmine Egypt, Angelica, White Cedarwood, Peach Nectar, Crisp Amber.

The hero flowers: Cyclamen, Apple Blossom, Bergamot Flower.

Floral Street London Poppy Eau de Parfum £22.00 - £55.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

A love letter to London: a city as tough as ever-lasting poppies.
A city that sees the sun through the clouds, a scent that opens with a bright beam of light. Sicilian Lemon and Florida Orange bring the zing. A salt-spray marine note adds an unexpected sea-facing view.
The ultimate urban mood lifter.
Ingredients: Florida Orange, Sicilian Lemon, Apricot Blossom, Jasmine Sambac, Neroli, Sunflower Accord, Marine Accord, Cedarwood, Hinoki Woods, Black Amber.

The hero flowers: Jasmine Sambac, Apricot Blossom, Sunflower.
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