Emma Bridgewater Toast & Marmalade

The best things in life seem to last forever and are endearingly and immediately recognisable.

Such is the case with the Emma Bridgewater trademark script their Toast and Marmalade collection.

This is now such an iconic range with its very clear black and white pattern which makes a great everyday dinner set or having key pieces to add some fun to the kitchen.

Black Toast Small Melamine Tray £5.00 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

For the times when you need a tray the perfect size for holding just a cup of tea and a biscuit, our Black Toast A Cup Of Tea & A Biscuit Small Melamine Tray provides an obvious solution.

Black Toast Small Butter Dish £32.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

Salted or unsalted? Where does your preference for butter lie? Our Black Toast Small Butter dish doesn't hold a preference (just as long as you dont use it for margarine.)

Black Toast 10 1/2" Plate £19.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

The Black Toast 10 1/2 inch Plate is very nice. It stops you feeling guilty if youre eating a big plate of sausages at breakfast.

Black Toast Medium Pasta Bowl £22.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

We love the Black Toast Pasta Bowl because its big enough for a plate of pasta and some salad, but it still feels sort of cosy too.

Black Toast All Over 1/2 Pint Jug £19.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

What is half a pint and black and white all over? Why, this elegant jug of course!

Black Toast Soup Plate £19.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

Those who prefer their soup in a soup plate rather than a mug will lap up our Black Toast Soup Plate. And anyway, who ever heard of eating risotto from a mug?

Black Toast Utensil Jar £39.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

With their bold black lettering, our Black Toast storage jars work beautifully in both modern and traditional kitchens. This one will keep all the essentials close to hand, and there’s a Coffee Jar, Sugar Jar, Biscuit Jar and Tea Jar too.

Black Toast Egg Cup £9.95 Emma Bridgewater (Shop Now)

March your soldiers and dip them in style with our signature monochrome design egg cup.
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